Time to Gripe about Walnuts

Early walnuts 06-24-2023

When I walked out to the car a couple weeks ago, I saw some marble-sized walnuts on the ground, just about the size that would hurt if you stepped on them with your bare feet.

Saturday, I noticed that a branch had snuck its way under my tarp car cover. When I grabbed the clippers, I saw that we’re going to have an early walnut season this year.

I’m not a big fan of walnuts

Walnuts 10-13-2020

Griping about walnuts is a perennial topic for me. See my musings.

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  1. I have several very old walnut trees on my property, too. My issue with these “nature’s baseballs” occurs in the fall when there are dozens/or a hundred + of them all over the ground. That in it’s self isn’t a problem … but when mowing over them … they can become ballistic missiles. There is; however, one comfort to hold on to … I have well fed squirrels.

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