Sunset at Fruitland Intersection

If Facebook is any indication, everyone I know in Southeast Missouri took a picture of the first sunset of November 2012. I saw some nice light playing over fields and barns on the way home from Perry County, but most of the time I was looking directly into the glare of the setting sun every time the road took a twist to the west.

It wasn’t until I was coming up on the light at the U.S. 61 and I-55 intersection that I had a chance to actually look at the sky. A second after I grabbed my camera, the light turned green and I had to go. Still, there was enough time to snap off a couple of frames.

I wonder the the driver of the pickup speeding by on the Interstate appreciated the sky or if he (she) merely pulled down the sun visor to block the rays, more concerned with feeding the belly than the soul? Click on the photo to make it larger. (Unless, of course, you’re headed to the kitchen for a snack.)

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  1. So what about the MOON last night? (Halloween) I’m so envious of photographers who can get those shots!
    I AM going to buy a new camera. I’ve had it with this Canon! Now all my shots are DARK. I have to get something easy to use, since I’m such a simpleton.
    Any recommendations?

    1. I didn’t shoot the moon this time around. Well, actually, I DID, now that I think of it.

      Kid Matt bought me a Nikon D40 when I retired. It was a great little camera that did everything I wanted it to.

      Kid Adam got a good deal on a Nikon D3100 and offered it to me for my D40 and a little cash. It’s actually cheaper than the D40 these days and is a better camera.

      It all depends on how serious you want to get. I miss my 24mm wideangle lens and my 180 and 500mm telephotos, but I don’t miss carrying a lot of weight. The D40 and the 3100 are light enough that I can fit them in my bicycle handlebar bag. I was never fond of point-and-shoot cameras.

    2. I’m with Ken on the D3100. Pick one up with the 18-55mm zoom lens and you are good for close-up to normal pix, and then take advantage of their promotion that takes $100 off of the 55-200mm zoom. That way you have the bases covered, so to speak. You will find that the auto-focus will help you get most all of the shots.

  2. If this picture was taken October 31st, around 6:15 to 6:35 P.M., I can almost guarantee it was myself. And yes, I always enjoy driving home in the fall around this time of year, except for the threat of deer LOL.

    If you have a higher resolution photo that shows if it is either a Ford Superduty or a Dodge Ram, 2006 vintage, let me know.


    1. You beat me to pointing that out. The timestamp on the picture said it was taken at 4:59:26 pm on November 1, 2012.

      Sorry I didn’t catch you. That would have been a great coincidence.

  3. Madeline, follow Ken’s advice (and link to Amazon) to pick up a D3100. Then add the 55-200mm lens (with the $100 off promotion) and you will cover all angles (pun intended). You will find that almost anyone can take good pictures (maybe not as artistic as Ken’s) thanks to the auto-focus and some of the other features the D3100 offers.

    1. IO spend a fair amount of time in Altenburg at the museum, at Wib’s and in Jackson, so the Fruitland intersection sees me quite often. That doesn’t count the Pie Bird in Fruitland and the Pie Safe in Pocahontas.

      Notice how food plays a prominent role in my travels?

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