Stumping Capaha Park

Capaha Park stumps 08-15-2014On a recent visit to Capaha Park, I noticed a fresh stump at the top of Cherry Hill. It was obvious from the hollow and rotted area that the tree must have been in bad shape, so I could understand why it was removed, but it’s still sad to see the demise of something that had been part of the park probably even before it was called The Fairgrounds.

A close neighbor reduced to stump

Capaha Park stumps 08-15-2014A close neighbor was also reduced to stump and sawdust. I sure hope the new plantings grow like crazy before all the old trees are gone.

Ice got this one

Cape ice storm 02-21-2013_2555The one above might have been the tree brought down by the ice storm of 2013. That’s the Rose Garden in the background.

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