Rose Bed Inn Fades Away

Rose Bed Inn demolition 09-13-2020

When I drove past 611 South Sprigg a few months ago, I thought the Rose Bed Inn Bed and Breakfast was looking a little ragged, nothing like when Wife Lila and I watched Laurie and Rocky Everett get married there on a cold October day in 2003.

Several folks tipped me off that the place was doomed, but I didn’t get there until September 13, when it was all over but the shouting.

Sarah Yenesel did a nice recap of the history  of the 110-year-old building in the Sept. 16, 2020, Southeast Missourian. I love it when someone else does that heavy lifting so I don’t have to.

The Rose Bed in 2003

Rose Bed Inn 10-18-2003

The B&B was attractive in 2003. The grounds were well-kept, and the interior was nicely furnished, a perfect venue for a wedding.

The Inn during happier times

Here’s a gallery of photos from the night Laurie and Rocky got married. Click on any photo to make it larger, then use the arrows on the right and left side to move through the images.

For the record, I’m sure Wife Lila took most of these photos. I shot presidents, a Pope and the Queen of England, but I never had enough nerve to tackle weddings.

8 Replies to “Rose Bed Inn Fades Away”

  1. Love this story although it saddens me to know it’s gone! My mother was a Cape history buff and greatly disliked seeing any historic building razed. I grew up at 135 s west’s end Blvd and pray that home is well taken care of for years to come!!! Thanks to all who help preserve capes history!

  2. Ken,
    Thank you for sharing the photos of it(&our Laurie and her new hubby)
    I,too remember it in 2006(?) We had a Christmas party there,when i worked at Cardiovascular Consultants. Not sure where my photos are. Nice stately home. James and Eldon did the Inn up right.good ppl& good food.

    1. Lisa,
      Kay Sanders lived very close by, maybe the next house, it looked al.ost exactly like this one. Do you know of it?
      Tina (Griffith) Crabtree

  3. I was sad to see the place go.

    My mother and I were friends with James & Eldon in the Rose Bed Inn’s heyday. They are such lovely people. I have fond memories of the house and of course, James’ cooking. I sometimes dropped by just to say hello and get the latest updates on what James was doing in the garden and backyard. Eldon was often busy running everything else. I traded my computer expertise for some free meals and envied their attic apartment. They never did let me go up on the widow’s walk, though.

    The last I saw of the Rose Bed Inn or the owners, James, Eldon, my mother and I had margaritas on the gazebo in the backyard one hot May afternoon. Then I got married, and they sold the inn and moved to Kentucky for semi-retirement.

  4. I got married there in 2009. It was a lovely wedding! James and Eldon made it perfect! I’m SO sorry to hear they are no longer there and that the house was demolished! How sad!
    I wish James and Eldon the very best!

  5. I wondered what happened to them. If it weren’t for them I wouldn’t have had a car to get to work. I think about them often and ask some of our old coworkers if they ever hear from them. They are heaven sent and a true love story. They worked so hard to make Rosebed Inn happen, I would love to talk to them again & I hope they didn’t move to any part of KY that experienced the tornado-I miss them ❤

  6. I just learned the story of Alex and thought I would love to stay a night here to see if it’s true but now I can’t unfortunately.

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