Pinecrest Azalea Gardens

Pinecrest Azelea Gardens 04-16-2011I owe the Pinecrest Azalea Gardens an apology. When Mother and I went searching for them in 2011, we arrived late in the day and late in the season. The light didn’t do the plants justice, and we were a little past the peak of the blooms. I happened upon the pix tonight and turned to the Gardens’ website to see the 2014 schedule.

Drat! The site said the gardens would be closing May 20. “See you next spring.”

It’s in the vicinity of Oak Ridge, but isn’t the easiest place to find. Check out the website for directions.

Photo gallery of past-their-prime blooms

Click on any photo to make it larger, then use the arrow keys to move through the images. Maybe I’ll get there at the right time next spring.

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  1. I have been trying to find this for well over 25 years. I assumed it was closed. Google searches came up with nothing. Thanks so much – I will be there in 2015!

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