Trail of Tears State Park

I’ve been setting aside photos I shot in Trail of Tears State Park in the 1960s, but they’re back in Florida. Here’s a gallery of photos I took this weekend in about an hour.

We’ll do some serious reporting down the road. This is just to give you a taste of what the park looks like coming out of the winter.

Gallery of Trail of Tears Photos

Click on any photo to make it larger,then click on the left or right side of the image to move through the gallery.

8 Replies to “Trail of Tears State Park”

  1. That guy in photo 3182 needs to ditch his girlfriend. There they are, sitting on the riverbank, and she is busing texting on her cell phone. Do you think she would tolerate him doing that instead of paying attention to her?

  2. Ken, I wish you had some pics of “Senior Skip Day”, 1966. Trail of Tears was filled with seniors taking the day off school and enjoying a big party. Zip Craft and I had some real excitement coming back from the park that day on our motorcycles. A county sherrif decided to stop us. We decided that would not work and split up. They finally got Zip after he ran a road block. He never would disclose the “other driver”. Thanks Zip!

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