Missourian Picnic

Southeast Missourian picnic 08-12-1967This Missourian picnic was held August 12, 1967, right before I packed up to head to Athens, Ohio, for school. Since it wasn’t a paying assignment (and I was buying my own film), I shot the event with my half-frame camera that got two shots to every 35mm frame. That’s one of the reasons the quality is a little shaky.

This must have been a picnic for back shop production employees. I don’t recognize any editorial types lurking around and they have an uncanny ability to sniff out free food.

Picnic photo gallery

Click on any photo to make it larger, then use your arrow keys to move through the gallery. The Missourian’s production folks were like family because, in a lot of cases, they were. Unlike the newsroom which had lots of turnover with young folks paying their dues and moving on to bigger papers, the composing and press staffs were in for the long haul. I liked working with them and learned a lot that helped me at other papers.

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  1. Is John Ramey’s Dad in one of these? At least I think he worked at the Missourian … John, who was an occasional fishing buddy until I left Cape, worked there.

  2. Picture 5 on the left: I believe it to be the one and only Harry Naeter, keeper of the Missourian flame, and father of five including my old pal Fred E.

  3. I think you are correct Waldo. The picnic was at Boulder Crest the family “country estate” just north of Cape. The pavilion half dug into the hillside was a give away. Had many good times there in the early 70’s with our old bud Fast Fred E. We would bring out local rock bands, stages, lights and sound systems, some times just the sound system and another friend, a local beer vendor would send out a refrigerated trailer full of kegs. More fun than you should be allowed to have. Life was simple then.

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