Jackson High School 1964

1964 Jackson HS

There were photos of a cheerleader clinic (more about that on another day), football practice and this frame in a sleeve marked 1964. The cheerleader shots ran in the Sept. 2, 1964, Advance Advocate and the September 4 Jackson Pioneer, so these must have been shot at the end of the summer or at the start of school.

I guess I just couldn’t pass up an opportunity to document a moment of smalltown wholesomeness on the front steps of Jackson High School. Wife Lila said those white shoes were “costume de rigueur” for our era. I guess I didn’t pay much attention to shoes ’cause I didn’t even notice them.

I hope players were sharper than their pictures.

1964 Jackson HS 4Shooting night football had all kinds of difficulties, but I can’t explain why most of the these afternoon football practice shots are, to put it kindly, unsharp.

Other Jackson High School photos

Football practice gallery

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  1. Top picture with white sneakers…all the cool chicks had a pair of theses puppies… I was trying to recognize a couple of the guys in football, but to no avail….

  2. Madeline, I remember we often wore hose with sneakers rather than bare legs. I still can’t get used to the sneakers with more dress-up type clothes, but then I am always surprised by where I see flip-flops these days!

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