Interested in Cape Calendar?

Towboat Albert M. passes Cape Rock 09-03-1966I’ve been pulling together enough photos from the ’60s to fill a calendar from October 2013 through December 2014. If you are a regular reader, there’s a good chance you’ve seen most of the pictures. I’m racing to get it done and a sample run printed before I leave for Cape June 25.

One of the tasks is to narrow down the photos to ones that you could stand to look at for a month. For example, here are three shots of Cape Rock. (I mean, you CAN’T have a publication about Cape without showing Cape Rock, right?

Do you like the one of the Towboat Albert M?

Towboat Issaquena

Towboat Issaquena north of Cape Rock on the Mississippi River 07-24-1967Or, do you like the Towboat Issaquena passing the water plant intake north of Cape Rock better?

Submarines vs towboats

Cape Rock c 1966Maybe you think submarines and not towboats when you remember Cape Rock. Anyway, if you had to make the choice, which one do you think best represents your memory of Cape Rock. (No, a totally black page won’t work.)

Lots to work out

I have to finish a photo exhibit for the Athens County Historical Society and Museum, get photos together for a future gallery show in Cape next year, rough out a couple of Ohio calendars and assemble a portfolio for some folks in St. Louis. If the blog is a little light for a few days, I hope you’ll understand.

Back to the calendar

So, who is interested? I’m estimating them to cost about $20 each. I have to see if there is anyone in Cape who will handle them locally. Since you folks are scattered all over the country, I’ll have to find out what it will cost to mail them. I think the folks at the Lutheran Heritage Center and Museum found it was about $5, including shipping materials, but don’t hold me to it.

If there’s enough interest, I may try to knock off a color calendar of contemporary SE Missouri photos for this fall or next year.

Is it worth the effort?

Earlier Calendars

I’ve published three so far.

Glimpses of East Perry County

2012 East Perry County Calendar coverGlimpses of East Perry County

Ordinary People

2013 Ordinary People CalendarOrdinary People

Trinity Lutheran Church in Altenburg

2013 Trinity Lutheran Church Calendar 10-10-2012 v1_Page_01Trinity Lutheran Church (same link as Ordinary People above)



39 Replies to “Interested in Cape Calendar?”

  1. Ken, I think the idea of a Cape Calendar is WONDERFUL!!! You have such amazing pictures of Cape in it’s growth over the years! I know you will get lots of “LIKES” on this….GO FOR IT!!! 🙂

  2. I wouldn’t be much help picking number 1,2, or 3, because I like all of them, and the calendar idea is a winner! I will order….

  3. I would definitely buy one ! I love seeing the old picures you have taken that captured our history !

    1. It will be horizontal, with a cover size of 11×8-1/2 inches, like the other three I did. That’s large enough to see the photos and to be able to write in the date boxes, but small enough to mail easily.

      As it stands now, it will be mostly black and white, with maybe two pages of color.

      If I do a second calendar featuring contemporary photos, it’ll be color.

  4. Wall calendar, wonderful, may I suggest a photo of Wimpy’s with all the cars around it, with Freeman Lewis directing traffic in the driveway! Ok, maybe the last part is a little over the top.

    Just let me know when to order.


  6. CHS Class of ’73 is having a late-planned class re-union the weekend of July 19-21. There may be an opportunity to sell some calendars then.

  7. Where do we live? You got to ‘Show Me’ first…

    p.s. Bring back Wimpy’s and Pfister’s drive-in!!!!!

    *CHS class of 78 rocks!*

  8. Ken, I would also purchase a calendar. Looking forward to seeing the photos you choose to include.

  9. Although I seem to remember the “submarines” more than the towboats, I would vote for “Towboat Albert M”. Count me in for a calendar!

  10. At my advanced age, I need a calendar with big boxes for notes and big, bold numbers so I can read them from a couple feet away. If you do make a calendar, could you show us what the month pages will look like? Oh, I also require nice pictures to look at and yours definitely pass THAT test.

    1. The boxes are about 1-3/4″ square. The dates may not meet your big and bold requirements, but you’ll be able to see if it a full moon, half moon or no moon day even before he bends over to pick up the newspaper. Early wanting is nice.

  11. Ken, I would definitely buy a calendar. This is a great idea.
    And I like the first Cape Rock photo. We’ll be in Cape next week, and will go out to see it again.

  12. I am definitely interested! I will order several for our kids….they loved Cape and going to the river to throw rocks…and to Cape Rock to see the boats – if we were lucky to see one coming down.

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