Highrise Birdhouse

Old Appleton bird house 07-11-2013When I photographed the girls jumping off the Old Appleton bridge in July, I snapped a couple frames of a birdhouse on the north side of Apple Creek.

The yellow flowers against the greenery and the red of the birdhouse support caught my eye.

It wasn’t until I took a closer look tonight that I realized that what I had taken to be wood painted red was probably a piece of the steel off the bridge. It’s gonna take a lot of wind to blow that baby down.

2 Replies to “Highrise Birdhouse”

  1. Hmmm…birds and yellow flowers and then you see the bridge steel holding up a 15 pound house! Good eye and I think I will drive up there to see it today! Cape is still HOT, but everyone has to be somewhere and I am here.

    1. After you go there, you could cruise over to Altenburg to cool down in the Lutheran Heritage Center and Museum (home of the cleanest public bathrooms in SE MO). If you’re hungry, hit the Mississippi Mud for a super burger.

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