12 Replies to “Girl Scouts in White Gloves”

  1. This looks like me, but I have no memory of the event. Sally has always had a really good memory and so I would defer to her. Ken, I am just now realizing the full value of being the photographer rather than the subject. Yikes!

  2. My dad worked as a tool and die maker for Davis Electric most of his career. The ID’s are correct. I believe Mr. Davis is holding an Hawaiian passion flower. Unfortunately, I do not know why we were there other than the obvious Girl Scout connection. Jane, were we accepting a contribution?…..help me out.

    1. I noticed that Jane was holding an envelope that was too small to have held whatever Mr. Davis has in his hand.

      Maybe there was a cash payoff happening. Those Girl Scout uniforms make great cover for a shakedown. I notice that both you and Jane are taking the Fifth Amendment in describing your actions.

  3. Of one thing I am sure. The thought going through my mind at the time of the photo was, “Jane’s mother didn’t make her wear her silly hat!”

  4. Sally and Jane with Walt Davis….I wonder what the white gloves mean? …But they do look kinky!

    Okay, Jane has a check for the Girl Scouts, and Sally is giving Mr. Davis a flower as a thank you…

  5. What a coincidence, I was just telling my husband, a Sikeston graduate, about the Davis family. Walter Davis youngest son, Barry, just died this week.

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