D’Ladium’s Basement Door

D'Ladiums 10-28-2009

When I photographed D’Ladiums / Pladiums for a 2010 story, two dozen or so readers shared their memories of the place. Is that ornate, black, boarded-up doorway on the right the entrance to the fabled basement? (If you were a fan of the place, make sure you follow that link.)

John Martin, Class of 1958, mentioned “I also heard there was a table stakes poker game in the basement on ocassion, but ‘I know nothing!‘”

Chris Stevens chimed in, “In the late 60′s Jerry let us use that underground (basement) space for a “Find of the Holidays” party one Christmas vacation. We served more than 3.2 and no one checked IDs that night.”

Tony Hamanwill never forget the 1 and only time Big Dog took me downstairs to the ‘TABLE’ schooled me but taught me 3 quick games, what a privilege to have in my memories.”

I was an innocent

Bartender Emily Banach and D'ladiums manager Jerry Beaver 11-04-2010My folks didn’t put many restrictions on me. I mean, how could they? I spent my toddlerhood tooling my toy tractor around in my grandfather’s liquor store in Advance, and Mother delights in telling about how she outsmarted the sheriff who was coming to confiscate their slot machines when she was barely a teen.

Still, they cautioned me to stay out of pool halls and other dens of iniquity, so I’m not sure I ever went into the smoky palace of pleasure at 1127 Broadway. It must have been relatively civilized because I never had occasion to show up there for a shooting or stabbing.

I was told that Captain Beaver is one of the reasons for good behavior. He rules the joint with a firm, but gentle, touch from a barber chair like the one I have in my living room. (It must be more than the chair that produces the result, though.)

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  1. If I remember correctly that building was a “house of horrors” to me in the early 40’s where my grandparents took me for a very unpleasant visit with a Dr. Ailor! Anyone else remember it as a “healthy” place?

  2. the basement was used during the late 1960’s for “batman ago go” a guy from sikeston would rent places and have a band?..LOL that is at least what they called themselves..one was in cape..the other in sikeston..and once in awhile paducah

  3. Spent many nights there when I should have been studying. Best Bloody Mary’s w/in 500 miles and the A/C was awesome on hot Summer days. Jerry and later, Beaver, always ran the place like “Cheers” and I was always welcomed like “Norm”.

  4. Had our wedding reception at the Pladium (double wedding) august 7, 1971. Brothers John and Jim Williams were the two grooms. Many great memories! I may be wrong but I believe their dad had a restaurant downstairs called The Cellar. Have no idea what year that would have been (maybe in the 50’s).

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