Memorial to Slain Police Chief

When I wrote about Murtaugh Park on Main Street in the historical triangle between the Red House, St. Vincent’s Church and the Jewish Synagogue, I noted that a memorial to Cape Police Chief N.J. (Jeff) Hutson was missing. Chief Hutson was killed in the line of duty Oct. 7, 1922. The Lion’s Club planted a Hawthorn tree in his honor on Arbor Day in 1923. That tree, along with another one planted by the Wednesday Club on April 11, 1923, was also gone.

A reader pointed out that the chief’s marker, which reads, “In memory of N.J. Hutson, Chief of Police, a man who stood for law and order for which he gave his life,” had been moved to the Common Pleas Courthouse grounds Sept. 17, 1965. The Missourian had a photo of  Chief Hutson’s relatives posing with the memorial. I don’t remember shooting the photo that ran in the paper, but I do have this one of the workers pouring a concrete base for it. (Click on it to make it larger.)

I don’t know who the men are, but a couple of them look familiar. Ideas?

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