Lang Jewelers to Close

KFVS had a story that Roger and Judith Ann Lang will retire this fall and close Lang Jewelry and Fine Gifts store. The jewelry store has been in the family and in the same location at 126 North Main Street since 1916.

The story said that the store will be closed to the public from September 8-16 to host private shopping events. They will close their doors forever this fall once all of the inventory and fixtures are sold.

Zickfeld’s is last standing

Someone may contradict me, but I think Lang Jewelers and Zickfield’s were the last two of the original stores left from the 1960s. Hutson’s Fine Furniture goes back that far, but anything south of Independence doesn’t “feel” like main Main Street to me.


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  1. Sad…I hate to see the old names gone. In 1988, my husband bought me a diamond ring at Lang’s for our 25th wedding anniversary. It’s a special memory. I have so little else of value to leave my daughter…
    If they’re still doing work, I wonder if I could take the ring back to have a missing stone replaced? Somehow, I thought they were already gone.

    1. I’d hurry if you want any work done. I suspect they are going to be concentrating on wrapping up business more than acquiring more. Zickfield’s is an alternative. We generally went there, although I don’t know why.

  2. I was down at Langs Jewelery on august 14. I also purchased the rings for my Girl friend then, my wife now 47 years, back in 1963
    from there, and also a bulova self winding watch also,
    laying here on the desk still ticking.
    also stop in at Zickfield’s.
    My first Jewerely store purchased was at TONY’S DOWN THE STREET.

  3. Can’t believe all the stores from my childhood are disappearing. I heard that Brown’s is moving out close to Panera’s. Hope they have much success out there.

  4. I bought my first husband his wedding band from Tony’s. It was a hole in the wall!!
    My dad bought my mom a Mikimoto pearl necklace from Lang’s. It is mine now and will go to Meredith. What a great keepsake. I still have the orginal receipt.

  5. I know it has already been said, but it is sad to see the anchors of Main Street in the 1960s disappearing forever. Life moved on, but leaves behind many fond memories of what used to be.

  6. My first Jewerely purchase was at TONY’S DOWN THE STREET.A HOLE IN THE WALL,THAT MAY HAVE FIT THREE CUSTOMER AT ONE TIME. This was me too!…I bought my first wife’s and my wedding bands there in 1967!
    I bought my High School Ring at Lang’s…I think it was $16.75 with tax…I did not get the onyx background for the tiger in the ring center…Becky Lang was a real nice lady in high school, so I only admired here from a distance.
    Funny I always bought my watches at Ziefield’s and did buy several of them over the years in Cape unitl 1971 when I moved away.

  7. When I was 14 years old, my dad went to Lang’s, which was next to the A&P supermarmarket behind Woolworth’s, and bought me for my birthday a Bulova gold watch with 23 jewels! I was so impressed with that gift, that I still have that watch to this day.

  8. Bernie, Marge, Roger, and Patty Lang were my neighbors when I was in grade school at Lorimier. WE lived next door to them at 225 so. lorimier. We rented from their grandfather,who lived on the corner of good hope and lorimier. Patty and i are the same age and went thru school together. She was my first girlfriend. I last saw Roger when i visted my sister back in 2005, or 2006. Sad to know that they are closing. Hey roger, remember the fire in the field in back of Indian park by the tracks? Great memories. Take care.

  9. Really sad. Love this store. My husband Bill bought me the most beautiful ring there. So much of what made Cape cape has gone or been torn down. Remember Pinds jewelry store on Spanish? Mr. Pind was such a neat guy.

  10. I was helping install some new windows at Lang’s a few years ago and Roger, I assume it was Roger, asked who I was and continued with some other idle chit chat. He left to take care of a customer and then returned and started talking to me about my high school days. He seemed to have info that few would have and seemed proud of that fact. As it turned out, he would do this to others also by going in the back of the shop and look up information on them in school year books.

  11. Sad to see the old businesses leave Cape. I would bring watches to Lang’s to have repaired when I came back to town.

  12. So sorry about Lang’s store. They are part of Cape’s
    I read Vicki Givens note and do remember Mr. Pind and
    the Pind’s jewelry on Spanish. They moved to the mall
    and had a beautiful store there too. We still see Judy (daughter) when in Cape. Thanks for the memories.

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