Tinsley’s Ghost Sign

Tinsley Appliances sign 06-10-2022

Several months ago, I parked on Broadway to take some photos of the old Broadway Theater after it was damaged by fire.

When I walked back to the car, I saw something that looked vaguely familiar.

When I got home, I looked in the City Directory for the street address, and confirmed that the sign marked where Hirsch-Tinsley Appliance Co. (later just Tinsley Appliance Center) was located.

It’s funny how the ghost of a sign can bring back memories.

We might have bought TV there

Steinhoff family Christmas 1966

The Zenith television in the corner of this Christmas 1966 photo might very well have been bought at Hirsch-Tinsley.

Kermit Tinsley

Mr. Tinsley died in 1979. Here is a copy of his obituary that ran in The Missourian on February 21, 1979. 


6 Replies to “Tinsley’s Ghost Sign”

  1. We bought a refrigerator, a few televisions and my first VCR from Tinsley Appliance. Leo Amelunke took over, I think, after Mr. Tinsley died.

  2. I had my first taste of Stag beer at the Blue Note when I was about 9 years old. I remember sitting on a stool at the bar between my dad, Joe Schlue, and my grandpa, Harry Schlue. The bartender drew a pony glass of draft beer and set it in front of me. I took a few sips but mostly salted the beer to get a head of foam the way my dad and grandpa did. I imagine I wasn’t the first or last kid that barkeep introduced beer to.

  3. When I returned from USAF on 11/22/63 I was walking up Broadway from bus station. I looked in window at Tinsleys at JFK in Dallas and saw the shooting . I was tearing all the way home

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