Bow Hunting in Cape

Whether or not to allow bow hunting for deer inside Cape’s city limits has been a big controversy for the past year. Reader Steven McKeown sent me a couple hundred family photos a few months ago; I spotted these three photos of backyard bow and arrow practice. They appear to be after targets, not wild game.

If you click on the photo to make it larger, you can see some interesting objects. First off, look at the shadow of the clothes line in the lower right of the frame. Check out the large silver bell above the target

Looks like a backyard garden

Steven’s family was active in Scouting, particularly Troop 2. He didn’t provide me any info with the photos, so I hope he or someone else will chime in with IDs.

I see a metal trash burner on the left, above the target. Were the stakes sticking up behind the man part of a backyard garden?

A cool day?

Looks like it might have been a bit chilly. The trees have lost all their leaves and both boys are in their winter long-sleeve uniforms. The man and woman are sort of scrunched up like their cold. The woman’s neckerchief is blowing in the wind. There’s metal fencing around the small tree behind the woman, probably to keep rabbits or other animals from nibbling on it.

The Boy Scout is from Troop 2, but I can’t see the Cub’s Pack insignia. It looks like it starts with a 5. I had forgotten that Scout pants had a button on them so you could fold it down for easy access or button it up high for security.

Thanks to Steven for letting me publish these.


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  1. This looks like the south side of what used to be Frist Christian Church which sits on the corner of West End Blvd and Dunklin. The property these people are standing on would face Pemiscot. This building is now Crain Funeral Home. Maybe this information will help someone identify the people in the pictures.

  2. My memory is soft, but I think that may be the Trickey family. If it is, they used to own a small print shop/store on Broadway. Hopefully someone else can straighten me out on this if I got that wrong.

  3. Good shot of the Old First Chirstian Church. I was a member there and was married in the Church, the first time. Great old building and a very nice group of people who used to belong. The Church is now the Abbey Road Christian Church on the north side of town.
    The Boy Scout looks like Steven Trickey (?)
    The old Cub Scout pack that met at the Church was 504, I was proud member in Mrs. Jackson’s Den ( Jacqi’s mom) and enjoyed the experiance.
    This looks like a fall or early spring day, it always looks warmer that is really is….very Missouri.

  4. Nancy is spot on…that is what used to be First Christian Church in the background, where I spent a lot of Sunday mornings, praying that my beloved Football Cardinals would win on Sunday afternoons after church.

  5. The man is Euil Trickey–or his double. Might be logical it is Euil, wife and sons. They lived on Pemiscot not far west from North West End Blvd…could easily be in their back yard.

  6. I also believe this is a photo of the Trickey family. The oldest boy is named “Steve”. Not sure of his younger brother. Mr Trickey was a scout leader for many years.


  8. Troop 2 was sponsored by Grace United Methodist Church at Broadway and Caruthers streets in Cape. Euil Trickey was a scout leader with the troop and he and his family were church members there. I went to and lived across from Grace church on Thilenius street and knew most of the scouts in troop 2, but somehow I started, and finished my scouting career with troop 3 at Centenary Methodist Church. Interesting photos. I don’t think anyone wears hats anymore, excepting ‘trucker’ hats, and usually backwards.

    Fred Eilliams CHS class of ’67

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