Central High School Aerials

This view of Central High School from the early 1970s is looking from the southeast corner roughly to the northwest. Caruthers Ave. is running along the right side of the photo. The new gym is under construction and the swimming pool with its bubble hasn’t been started. (Click on any photo to make it larger.)

Central High School aerial 2011

This photo of Central High School (now Central Junior High School) is taken from about the same angle. Caruthers is on the right side of the picture, Independence is at the bottom and Broadway runs left and right at the top. You can see the “new” gym that was just getting started in the first photo, along with the domed swimming pool. Town Plaza Shopping Center is in the bottom left.

Central High School SE to NW

This 2011 view is from the southeast to the northwest. The intersection of Caruthers and Independence is in the lower left-hand corner.

Northeast corner

We’ve circled to the northwest corner of the property in this 2011 shot. Caruthers runs left and right in the foreground of the photo. Kingshighway is at the top.





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  1. Enjoy the pictures, but top photo has to be sometime after 73. That’s when I graduated and the construction had not started at that time.

  2. I would have sworn it was earlier than that. There were photos of our property in Dutchtown in the same negative sleeve and I would have sworn you couldn’t see any aftereffects of the 1973 flood in them.

    It’s always possible that negatives from different shoots were filed in the same envelope.

    Sounds like the first aerial was taken in the mid-70s, not the early 70s. Thanks for the info.

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