St. Augustine Catholic Church

St Augustine Catholic Church 02-03-2013_1919

I thought I had already run these photos of Kelso’s St. Augustine Catholic Church, but I must have held them to keep from overdosing on church pictures when I ran the church photos earlier in the year.

New Hambug St. Lawrence Catholic Church

Oran’s Guardian Angel Catholic Church

About the only quick information I could find online about the church was that it was founded in 1878.

St. Augustine Catholic Church photo gallery

Click on any photo to make it larger, then click on the left or right side of the image to move through the gallery. (If the gallery looks different than what you’re used to seeing, it’s because the old program quit working.)

4 Replies to “St. Augustine Catholic Church”

  1. At I know about St. Augustine’s, Kelso, is that they must have had an amazing grade school. For such a small parish, they sent a disproportion number of top scholars to Notre Dame High School in Cape Girardeau, year after year.

  2. Beautiful church! Two of my grandchildren were christened there. The pews and walls are perhaps more elaborate than Guardian Angel, but I don’t believe the sanctuary is quite as elaborate as the one at Oran.
    It always amazes me that these tiny towns have such impressive Catholic churches. I guess it’s the German influence.

  3. Ken, Thank you for your curiosity and the artistic touch that you present in our Newsletter each week! Even tho’ I have interior pictures of this church when my niece got married there, yours are so much nicer because of not having people in the shots – and focusing on the serene, ornate, awesome beauty of this grand building. It just takes my breath away!

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