On Their Permanent Records

Demerit sheet Triinity School Safety Patrol Note 01Just to show you how your permanent record can come back to haunt you, here is a note I found stuffed away between the pages of a book. I was captain of the Trinity Lutheran School Safety Patrol in the eighth grade.

Mr. Mueller, the eighth grade teacher, was also advisor to the safety patrol. He evidently caught two of my patrolmen leaving their post three minutes early (with an exclamation point, no less). He wanted me to mark them down for five demerits each.

I won’t tell you who they are

1961 Trinity Lutheran School Yearbook Safety PatrolAt this late date, it’s really not worth it to add to their shame by publishing their last names, but they DO appear in this photo.

Here are other school safety patrol stories and photos:


4 Replies to “On Their Permanent Records”

  1. Ken, that group shot of the “Patrol” must’ve been shot on a Monday, since you’re wearing your scout uniform.

  2. Nice rolled up jeans! I can remember these, I stopped doing this in High Schools when I got White Jeans, like Pat Boone…way cool…I thought then, and well I still do.

  3. Back,L-R, ?, Pensel, Larry Nussbaum, Ken Steinhoff(?), David Hahs (?), John Hilpert, Coach/Mr Wehmeyer
    Front-?,?, Doug Koch, Mike Ringwald, Daniel Beard, Don Call, Danny Birk, Ronnie Dost(?)

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