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I made it back to Florida Monday night, but I’m too pooped to post anything from the last day. In fact, it was such an uneventful drive I didn’t shoot anything through the whole state of Florida. So, like I threatened, I’m going to fill in a day or two with things Son Matt shot on his vacation that took him back to Missouri.

One of the cool places Son Matt and Family went was to the St. Louis City Museum. I had never heard of it, but it looks REALLY neat. It must have been cool, because I wasn’t invited to go.

If you want more info – and pass the Cool Test – go to the St Louis City Museum’s website.

St. Louis City Museum photo gallery

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11 Replies to “St. Louis City Museum”

  1. Pretty cool place…I would like to climb around inside …loots like BIG fun! The over hanging bus is neat! Where is this place?

  2. This IS the coolest place. Kids and adults love it. If you have a child in your life, this is a MUST on the list to visit.

  3. Took the grandkids a couple of years ago. What looks dangerous sometimes is dangerous. With all the OSHA regulations, I am not sure how they can still have exposed, 2 ft. high rebar spikes that one has to slip past in some very close places. We enjoyed every minute of the experience. The kids especially got a kick out of cheering me on as I made my way to the top of that diagonal tube. Haven’t had that much fun since the fire drills at junior high when we all exited the balcony of the auditorium using the spiral slide.

  4. It is a neat place to go. I have been there a number of times – taking my own kids and grandkids as well as chaperoning a few school field trips there. I highly recommend it as well as the Magic House which is out in Kirkwood.

  5. Definitely a “can’t miss” if you’re in St. Loo. My kids still refer to the City Museum as their all-time favorite place to go when they were younger…and I had more fun there than they did!

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