Serious Rain in SE Missouri

Flora Place 11-16-2015When Curator Jessica and I left St. Louis for Cape in the late afternoon Tuesday, we started out in drizzle to moderate rain. By the time we got south of St. Genevieve, we were in heavy rain, and from north of Fruitland through Jackson, we were in rain as hard as I’ve seen in some Cat 1 hurricanes.

Rain in St. Louis on Monday was heavy at times, but when I pulled onto Brother Mark’s street across from the Botanical Gardens, it had slacked off. The trees in his neighborhood still have some colorful leaves, but they are falling fast.

By the way. on the way home, I stopped at Pevely to top off my tank. Where I was excited about paying $1.73 a gallon for gas on Monday, it had gone down to $1.69. I noticed the price jumped in 10-cent increments the further south you drove.

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  1. Rained the last three days in Monticello, IL. and very windy!Supposed to have some sunshine tomorrow ! Our pretty colored leaves will soon be gone !

  2. Looks like Flora Avenue in the Shaw Park area. Lived close by in 2005-2007. Great place to walk and ride the bike; there and Tower Grove Park. Miss the fall colors. Thanks for the pics.

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