Kaskaskia Cemetery at Night

Kaskkaskia Cemetery 11-17-2015On the way to drop Curator Jessica off to catch a plane back to Ohio in 2013, we made a side trip to Kaskaskia Island where she had an incredibly emotional response to the cemetery there.

When she came to visit in November of last year, we were late getting out of St. Louis, but we decided to see if the same spirits were moving on the island twice. When we got to the cemetery, the sun had given up for the day, there was a cold rain blowing, and there were signs saying the the graveyard was closed to humans after dark.

We didn’t wander amongst the grave markers this trip. I’m averse to cold rain, and she’s a rule-follower. I made do with just what my headlights could illuminate. Click on the photo to make it larger.

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