Gateway Arch from I-55

Gateway Arch from I-55 10-30-2014

I got to see this view of the Gateway Arch from I-55 twice on my last trip to Missouri. Once on my way to drop off Wife Lila at the airport to fly back home to West Palm Beach on October 28, and once when I went to Lambert to pick up Curator Jessica on October 30.

Jessica had already done the obligatory Arch Lick last fall, so she said we didn’t need to go do it again. We opted to go to the City Museum instead.

And, there were no safety hazards involved in the taking of this photo. Road construction had traffic dead stopped at this location both days, so I had plenty of shoot.

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  1. Coming across the river from Illinois at night, when it’s lit, is my favorite regional experience.

    I never cease to be amazed that we have such an amazing piece of public art here – – especially when I realize that it would never ever have been built now.

    I always say it’s my 2nd-favorite piece of public art, with The Sphinx at Giza being #1. It’s also surprising how few people in other countries are aware of it.

  2. Several years ago we were visiting my wife’s sister in Waterloo Ill. I had mentioned I had never been there. So we packed a picnic lunch the next day and went there having a picnic there. I don’t care for any kind of ride like at the fairs, or amusement parks, but that day they had free rides. I couldn’t turn that down. It bothered my wife more then it did me and she always like the rides. I also was amazed at the museum they had. It was all about the old west and Indians. I found that to really be interesting. Was a great trip.

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