Veteran’s Memorial Drive

Veterans's Memorial Drive construction 04-15-2016There has been a lot of clearing going on alongside the east side of I-55 south of Hwy 61. It’s an expansion of Veteran’s Memorial Drive from the intersection of Scenic Drive to Hopper Road. The plan is for it to eventually go from Hwy 61 to Route K.

This stage will take it from Scenic Drive to Hopper Road, which will be closed for several months, beginning May 9.

The smell of spring

I’ll never forget the sights, smells and sounds when Dad was starting a new job in the spring. There was the throaty roar of a bulldozer coming to life, belching black diesel smoke out of its stacks. Then, the “cat skinner” would drop the blade, goose the throttle, and you’d hear the clankity-clankity-clank of the tracks pushing up little squares of dirt that looked like Mother’s brownies. That mingling of grease, diesel fuel, exhaust and freshly-turned earth are spring to me.

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House in a Hole

House at K and I-55 07-18-2013Niece Laurie Everett of Laurie Antiques fame, sent me a question: “One place in Cape that has always intrigued me is the little house that sits in the middle of chaos out by Wal-Mart, Drury Hotel and White Castle. Have you ever done a story on it?”

As it turned out, I had just looked at photos of that house the day before while I was figuring out what I had shot but not run.

When Science Buddy Jim Stone was in town chasing a monster magnet up the Mississippi, he stayed at one of the hotels near it. When I picked him up, I said I needed to pause long enough to shoot some house mug shots for a follow-up story. Well, I’m easily distracted, so the photos have been languishing in my “get-around-to-it-some-day” file.

Here’s a hint

House in Hole MapA reader who saw Laurie’s question pointed me in the direction of an aerial map that shows where the house is. Glad to see Cape County has a great mapping tool.

He has a piece of the story: “the little white house by Wally World is the gentleman that used to own all that property.  Obviously, the Drury family was the purchaser and the rest of the development is history.  The gentleman will live there as along as he wants/able to.”

I’ll have the real answer for you when I get to Cape next month. In the meantime, you can click on the photos to make them larger. The little pin-thing marks the location of the house.