Mario and Angela’s Italian Eatery

Mario and Angela’s Italian Eatery 03-07-2024

I’ve chased these fine folks from Jackson to Cape, and now, back to Jackson at 215 West Main Street.

Angela greeted me like a long-lost friend when I showed up to pick up my food. (Wife Lila insisted that I stop calling her “Crazy Angela” when I first started eating at the place on a regular basis.)

Here’s an account of one of my first visits to the original Jackson location.

Only open 10-3

Mario and Angela’s Italian Eatery 03-07-2024

I wish they stayed open longer than 10-3, but they do a booming takeout business. They really aren’t set up for on-site dining.

Angela keeps busy taking phone orders while her dad is ready to cook them.

Quantity is great; price reasonable

Mario and Angela’s Italian Eatery 03-07-2024

The calzone I bought on my first visit a couple of weeks ago was big enough for two meals and a snack.

I ordered the lobster, shrimp and scallop in Alfredo sauce, topped with shrimp today. It isn’t particularly pretty because the sauce covers all the goodies.

Trust me, though, the Alfredo sauce was as good as any you’ll find anywhere. There was enough for two meals, but it tasted so good that I polished it off in one pass.