Matt and Adam Make the Paper

Matt Steinhoff in 12-11-1978 Palm Beach Times ullustrationSince I was the only photo staffer with kids, Son Matt and, later, Son Adam, showed up in a lot of newspaper illustrations. You can click the photos to see how cute the boys were.

Matt is on the front of the Palm Beach Times Trends cover on Dec. 11,1978. As best as I can remember, the story was about picking age-appropriate gifts for your child.

Over the years, he was photographed having night terrors, walking to the bus station at night holding his Poo Bear accompanied by his “abused” mother, and more situations that don’t come to mind.

Jet Pilot Adam

Adam Steinhoff in jet at Palm Beach International AirportAdam was drafted for a story about flying with children. We talked an airline into letting us shoot some photos while it was at the jetway. The pilot let Adam get the feel for what it was like to sit up front.

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