Another Christmas Food

Christmas popcorn 11-27-2015We got Hutson’s Christmas window display out of the way last night. Two more things have to happen before the season is really here.

I haven’t gotten my traditional box of chocolate-covered cherries yet, but I did get one of the other staples.

Well, actually, a guess the tin of popcorn shouldn’t really count as Christmas because I usually buy it when it’s on deep clearance in some hardware store or discount house long about July, but it has a picture of Santa Claus or some winter scene on the side of it that SAYS Christmas.

Is fresh less stale?

When I ran across this tin, I thought I’d give it a try to see if the popcorn is any less stale when it’s purchased at the start of winter instead of the middle of the summer.

Nope. It’s either last year’s tin or it ALWAYS tastes like semi-flavored cardboard.

There may be some folks who eat the flavors in order, but I don’t go to that church. I open all the packages at once, give the white, unflavored (a relative term) a taste, then never dip into it again. Caramel and cheese corn must be eaten in the ratio of one handful of caramel to two handfuls of cheese.

Road food secret

I tend to mix my snacks that way. When I was on the road a lot, I’d buy a bag of almond M&Ms and a bag of pork rinds. That’s because you won’t know until you get to the motel room whether you are going to have a salt craving or a sweet craving. Ultimately, I’d compromise with a ratio of one piece of pork rind to two M&Ms. Washed down with a Dr. Pepper, of course. It covered all the bases.


It’s that time of year again

Buy From to Support Ken SteinhoffEverybody is getting all excited about Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Overspend Wednesday (I made that one up), so I’m going to join the din. I hate to keep harping on this, but my mailbox is full or ads and teases, so it must work.

If you are going to shop Amazon anyway, please go to my blog and click on the big red ‘Click Here’ button at the top left of the page (or, this one). That’ll take you directly to Amazon with a code embedded. If you buy something, I’ll make from four to seven percent of your purchase price without it costing you anything.

Think of it as being your painless Christmas present to me.