OK, It’s REALLY Christmas

Chocolate covered cherries 12-22-2014_5259
This has been a strange Christmas season. Even Mother, when I called her Sunday night, said she’s having a heard time getting into the spirit of the times despite having her Christmas decorations up.

Maybe we’ve all been traveling so much lately that we’re needing recharging more than celebrating.

Still, Wife Lila came home from shopping today with something that convinced me that it really IS Christmas. She gave me two boxes of chocolate-covered cherries. I’ve associated those with Christmas ever since I was a kid.

One thing for sure: a chocolate-covered cherry can find a cavity faster than a dentist with a fresh x-ray. After I finished off the cherry that sacrificed its life for art, I was glad to report that I am cavity-free.

You can click on the photo to make it large enough to make your teeth hurt.

10 Replies to “OK, It’s REALLY Christmas”

  1. Chocolate covered cherries bring back warm, fuzzy memories of my grandfather Huey and Christmas. As a child, I knew I could never go wrong getting him those as a gift. He loved them. And, as a bonus, he shared them! Makes me smile; and get a bit teary-eyed.

  2. My aunt Hildred used to give me a box of Cherrie Chocolates as child, and this was my own box not a shared box for family and friends. Cherrie Chocolates IS Christmas to me…so to this day I buy box for Liza and she defers and will not eat it, so it STILL Christmas for me! Merry Christmas to all!

  3. Chocolate covered cherries were Daddy’s gift to Mother each Christmas. I thought it was so sweet. Mother, of course, always looked forward to them.

  4. In 1960 I was an 11 year old paperboy living in southern Indiana delivering the
    Vincennes Sun Commercial to half our town’s residents. My brother Jim delivered to the other half. That Christmas I was the victim of some sort of customer cabal. I got no less than 25 boxes of chocolate covered cherries from my delivery route customers as a Christmas gift. My room (shared with my brother) smelled like a candy store. I was knee deep in candy and had figured out there was only one solution. True to form, my brother and I ate the candy in about a week or so. That was a sweet time.

  5. Hey,
    Reaching out to you on kind of a genealogical quest of sorts. Curious of how far back you know about your family tree on Steinhoff side and if they were once in the Dutchtown area. E-mail me if you don’t mind. By the way, all of the local Cape Girardeau and surrounding area photography is very enlightening. I would have just emailed you, but I didn’t see any contact info on this page.

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