Studying the Human Body

Six or eight months ago, I scanned these pictures of kids in an unidentified school obviously posing for me. I figured they had to be posing, because the boy is holding a notebook labeled The Human Body and everybody else is engrossed, but not excited.

Science class at St. Vincent’s School

I was looking for something else this afternoon when I stumbled onto a Feb 12, 1966, Missourian Youth Page that contained these photos, which turned out to have been taken at St. Vincent’s School. You can read the whole story by Judy Crow here.

The photo caption says “Reviewing with pride the drawings and descriptions of parts of the human body that earned them ‘A’ grades for their science notebooks are Ruth Schnurbusch, Peggy Casey, Danny Wengert, Mike Wulfers and Steve Todt. They are 7th graders.

Getting to the heart of the matter

In the other photo, three pupils are transfixed by a guy in a dark suit holding something that looks like an alien mounted on a microphone stand.

The actual situation is much less interesting. The caption says that James J. Hopen demonstrates the mechanism of the heart model he recently donated to the science classes of St. Vincent’s Grade School. Watching attentively are sixth graders Mike Klipfel and Kathy Stranahan, front, and eighth grader Mark Wood, rear.

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