Koran-Burning Preacher Terry Jones and Rush Limbaugh: Class of 69

Rush Limbaugh USED to be Cape Girardeau’s most prominent export. One of his classmates from the Central High School Class of 1969 is dominating the news right now: Terry Jones, the Gainesville, FL, preacher who is threatening to hold an “International Burn a Koran Day” on September 11.

In 2010, Jones published Islam is of the Devil, which denounces Islam as a violent faith.

His church also maintains a Gainesville boarding school, called the Dove World Outreach Academy. The Gainesville Sun newspaper reported that students of the academy are prohibited from outside and family contact including attendance at family weddings and funerals, and work without compensation selling, packing, and shipping furniture for TS and Company, a business owned by his current and second wife, Sylvia.

(His first wife was Lisa Barker, of Marble hill. She died of a heart attack in 1996.)

Equal opportunity hater

In March 2010, Dove World posted a sign saying “No Homo Mayor,” referring to Gainesville’s first openly gay mayor; after Americans United requested that the Internal Revenue Service investigate the sign as an undue participation of a non-political tax-exempt organization in the political process, the church then changed the sign to simply read “No Homo.”

On April 18, 2010, members of Dove World participated in a joint protest against homosexuality with the Westboro Baptist Church, a group known for disrupting the funerals of U.S. soldiers. On April 21, Dove World member Fran Ingram published a blog post proclaiming the church’s endorsements of the Westboro Baptist Church’s protests against homosexuality and homosexuals.

Left, right and actress denounce Jones

Jones has done a masterful job of uniting all ends of the political spectrum. Here is a short list of people who have denounced his book-burning plan:

  • The President of the United States, Barack Obama
  • Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton
  • Gen. David H. Petraeus (who says Jones’ actions will place Americans at risk, both here and on the battlefield)
  • Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin
  • Conservative commentator Glenn Beck
  • Senator and former presidential candidate John McCain
  • British Foreign Secretary William Hague
  • Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki
  • Franklin Graham, the son of evangelist Billy Graham (who has, himself, called Islam “evil.”
  • Actress and United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees ambassador Angelina Jolie

Actually, a list of supporters would be shorter. (I don’t know that Rush has weighed in.)

Terry Jones pitched for Cape Central Tigers

The photo above is from the 1969 Central High School Girardot yearbook.

An  April 25, 1968, Southeast Missourian sports report said that “Terry Jones took the Central win with six strikeouts to his credit. Marvin Hammack’s single in the third was the only Green Dragon base hit, but Jones ran into control problems as he walked one man, hit another, and threw four wild pitches – one resulting in the Ste. Genevieve run in the second.” He batted twice, but went hitless.

[Editor’s note: looks like he had control problems even in high school.]

Jones awarded honorary doctorate

The Missourian carried this story about Jones receiving an honorary doctorate of divinity degree from California Theology School in 1993. A Philadelphia TV website describes the the California Theology School as being “an obscure school that boasts that it’s so independent it’s never been accredited.”

Former classmates remember Jones

Van Riehl noted, “I think this guy may have been on my Babe Ruth team, The Mets. Interestingly enough so was Rush Limbaugh. ”


Gregg Hopkins said, “I knew him the early 70s. He graduated from Central (I think) in 69. He was a funny, friendly guy back then, when he was dating my friend, Lisa. My how the years change some people. Every picture I’ve seen of him, he’s wearing an intense scowl. A couple of our Marble Hill friends figured out his connection about the same time I did. Sickening. His former in-laws, Lisa’s parents, are fine folks. I feel embarrassed for them.”

Rush Limbaugh High School Yearbook Photo

Here’s Rush (better known as “Rusty” back then) Limbaugh’s senior picture in the 1969 Girardot. He was on page 132. Terry Jones’ photo was on page 130. I don’t THINK they are on the same page today.

Editorial comment

Had I not been able to come up with the yearbook pictures, this is the photo I was planning to run with this piece. Terry Jones is a train wreck waiting to happen. Let’s hope his actions don’t provide the spark to ignite worldwide violence.

Frederick Douglas paraphrased Hosea 8:7: “When men sow the wind it is rational to expect that they will reap the whirlwind.”

[Note: thanks to Bill East for pointing me to the 1969 Girardot and to sis-in-law Marty Perry Riley for dragging out her 1968 yearbook and copying a picture from it.]

“When men sow the wind it is rational to expect that they will reap the whirlwind.”

Frederick Douglass

156 Replies to “Koran-Burning Preacher Terry Jones and Rush Limbaugh: Class of 69”

  1. Sad really. I guess at the Methodist church I went to, I missed the lessons on “Christian Hate” that others seem to have learned somewhere.

  2. The swipes at Rush Limbaugh are rather sophomoric, in my opinion. Rush doesn’t have any more to do with Rev. Jones than does, say, Gerard Kaiser. Whatever your politics, Jones’ transgressions are his and his alone.

    1. OK. I’ll accept sophomoric. Of course, if Rush had said it, it would have been labeled satire.

      I saw only one semi-snarky comment about Rush, and that was where I said I didn’t THINK Rush and Terry were on the same page these days. Since I couldn’t find any stories in a quick search telling me where Rush DOES stand on Koran burning, I was giving him the benefit of the doubt.

      Are you telling me that it’s not interesting to find out that the two most prominent Cape Girardeans of recent history came out of the same high school in the same year? Based on what I’m seeing on Facebook and in The Missourian, it’s of interest to a fair number of folks.

      Why did I use Rush and not one of the other Class of 69? Maybe because all of those folks are as anonymous as this member of the Class of 65.

      1. Ken, perhaps my comment was a little harsh and I apologize. I was specifically referring to the innuendo that Rush would think like Mr. Jones. I have grown tired of the political rhetoric that assigns nefarious motivations in those with opposing viewpoints, and the idea that Rush Limbaugh is a hate-monger (side note: that the word “hater” has entered our public lexicon has become a pet peeve of mine. the words ‘hate-monger’ and ‘hatred’ should suffice for any context) at one time may have been hyperbole but now it is taken by many as factual. I doubt he hates anyone, even David Hasselhoff. I suppose I am someone sensitive to this as I have been accused of hating this or that group from simple opposition, and I don’t hate anyone, either (though the next Hasselhoff video I see may necessitate modification of that statement).

        1. Thanks for clarifying that. No offense taken and no apology needed.

          Like I mentioned to another reader, I’m pleased at how civil the discussion has been here.

          You and I share the same distaste for folks who are unable to see shades of gray and to admit that the other guy just MIGHT have a good idea – or part of one.

          I wonder if there’s a THIRD member of the Class of 1969 who’ll pop up in the headlines?

  3. You are freaking kidding me? You’re FREAKING KIDDING ME, right? *GROAN* I could care less about the Rush Limbaugh connection. I have to agree with Mark on that one. Whether you love him or hate him–Rush is basically innocuous. But, that Terry Jones guy is insane.

    1. As far as I know, the only connection between Rush and Jones is that they might have shared an algebra class or something.

      Still, it’s fascinating how two Cape boys can dominate the news.

      You can’t tell me that you didn’t do a forehead slap when YOU saw it.

  4. I take it that the best thing we can do is nuke Cape Girardeau. Or maybe shut down the high school. Whatever stops them from manufacturing this intellectual refuse.

    Steinhoff, I think, is a by-product. Remember Newton? For every action there is a reaction.

    Still and all, if you weigh the impact of Steinhoff against that of Rush and friends, I’m afraid the nuclear option is preferable.

    Pushing the button in three…two…one…

    1. Keef,

      My mother asked me if I had seen your comment. “I can’t tell if he’s fer you or agin you.”

      I had to explain to her that you and I worked together at The Palm Beach Post for a quarter century. (I originally types “a quarter decade,” but Lila caught it several hours after it was posted. I stand by my original statement: we were EMPLOYED together for a quarter century, but I’m not sure that I ever saw you WORK more than a quarter decade. That’s one of the benefits of being a tech where nobody knows exactly what you do.)

      If you ever said anything nice about me, I’d assume that you intercepted the doctor’s test results and had found out that I only had two weeks to live.

      I made it out of Central High School in 1965, Rush and Jones didn’t escape until 1969. I didn’t know either of them.

      I’ve tried to explain to some of my geographically challenged friends that Cape Girardeau gets its water from the Mississippi River. In the 60s, there wasn’t a whole lot of treatment: “The solution to pollution is dilution,” was the theory.

      Restrooms upstream in St. Louis would have “Flush Twice, Cape Needs the Water” scrawled on the walls.

      I have no way of knowing what was in the water in 1969.

  5. I don’t understand why they are dragging Rush into this mess. I remember Terry Jones face from the year book but unlike most of my classmates I don’t remember ever talking with him. The one baseball picture with the name Terry above it is Terry Kitchen. I sure do not agree with what Jones has stirred up but it also sickens me to see the other religious fanatics of the Koran burning the American flag while protesting the burning of what is sacred to them. They have picked out one NUT in a class of 541 people and run with it and then throw Rush in the mix.

    1. Brenda,

      I guess I’m the “they” that is dragging Rush into this mess, so I’ll explain why.

      1. Rush Limbaugh, up until about a month ago, was the most well-known member of the Class of 1969, and he’s mentioned his hometown many times.

      One Terry Jones in the Class of 69 is news on its own. When you have TWO members of a high school class from a small town in the Midwest become famous / infamous, it’s extraordinary.

      Unusual IS the definition of news. I call it the “Hey, Maude” effect, as in “Hey, Maude, did you read this in the paper?”

      2. The baseball team photo was from the 1969 Girardot. The caption under the picture clearly says, “TOP ROW: Coach Meier, Greg Williams, Terry Jones, Terry Kitchen…”

      You may notice that there are names written in ink above and on top of several players. That was done by the original owner of the yearbook. “Terry” is written over the photo of Terry Kitchen, but that doesn’t change the fact that Terry Jones is identified correctly in the printed caption.

      I hope that helps explain what “they” did.

  6. I wasn’t actually a “classmate” of Terry’s, but, went to school with his late wife, Lisa, in Marble Hill. I met Terry when they were dating.

    Yes, I slapped my forehead when I figured out that I’d known the guy years ago!

    Hopefully, he’ll crawl back under his rock and stay there.

  7. I grew up 3 houses down from the Jones family in Cape Girardeau. Terry’s younger brother Gary were friends and the same age (5 years younger than Terry) and I was at their house often. His mom Betty was such a nice person as were his two younger brothers. I remember when Terry became very involved with the Maranatha group in Cape Girardeau in the 70’s. It’s a shame he has such hate for any people now. Definitely not what I would think Christians want to promote on any level. Why can’t we all just have some tolerance and respect for others’ beliefs?

  8. Terry Jones is obviously just not quite right (in the head and in the heart). It saddens all of us who knew his first wife, and who still are close with members of her family, because she was a wonderful individual who I doubt would have ever approved of so many of Jones’ actions and stunts. And I see his latest “protest” as just that, a cheap stunt. His daughter speaks ill of him; what worse could be said of any man?

  9. I also could not believe this connection when Ken made it. OMG, how could two such controversial and angry people who have made national, no international news, have gone to school with us. As someone who lived four blocks from Ground Zero on that horrible day, the last thing I want is to see this kind of misplaced spirituality and hatred. We need to get back to our real values as a nation–tolerance, compassion, forgiveness and the ability to discern a nut case from a rational human being. 9-11 was a truly tragic day. I witnessed it up close and personal, but I also witnessed the amazing compassion and resourcefulness of the American people in the aftermath when our neighborhood was flooded with volunteers of goods and services to help those of us impacted. I plan to spend this 9/11 re-dedicating myself to our ideals and trying to avoid the traps of fear and media frenzy that unfortunately dominate our lives.

  10. If Terry Jones is from Cape don’t claim him to loudly he is nothing to be proud of. if this guy is wanting to burn korans when is he going to burn torahs?

  11. every time i would watch the news and see these people who were so full of hate..i would wonder “what were they like as kids? growing up..highschool and such..terry looked like any other kid in cape at that time..had his entire life ahead of him.only yo have wanted his 25 minutes of fame being a racist and mongering hate. i too missed those bible school subjects when i was growing up. the BBC has some interesting information about his wife’s business.

  12. Hi, Ken. I’m glad to see you can keep your head screwed on straight about this. It reminds me of when my wife learned that the Randy Weaver of Ruby Ridge was the same Randy Weaver who had sat across from her in high school history class. She remembered him as a nice, quiet guy.

    Personally, I’m pretty tolerant of people like your Terry Jones. (Note how I call him “your” Terry Jones 🙂 It has been traditional for millenia for religions to burn stuff: sheep, doves, incense, candles, heretics, books. Flag-burning is the non-religious alternative. Every one of those practices can produce violent opposition. Personally, I’d draw the line at heretics. I’d want the government to step in when it comes to burning people. At that point other things ought to trump the First Amendment religious rights.

  13. Well, Ken, I, for one, appreciate your ability to dig into this issue and furnish us with more information on the local connection. You seem to have come equipped with the thick skin needed for this profession.

  14. Wow Kenny, if you wanted to get some feedback you got it. I thought it was interesting that they were in the same class. That doesn’t mean there is a personal connection between the two, but there is a connection between them being in the same class.

  15. I think that I need to have a long face to face talk with both of them. If that won’t shake them up, nothing will.

  16. This is hilarious, kudos for this fine bit of reporting with the right dash of humor.

    This scary connection better be on Glenn Beck’s next chalkboard!! I’m sure we can connect them to Bill Ayers soon.

  17. I find it fascinating that one of our best hate-mongers, Who love to stir up Americans to do hateful acts (such as burning the Koran), is Rush Limbaugh.
    One such american is Terry Jones, who is holding the US Government hostage, and trying to blackmail the Muslims from building what they have every right to do, a community center in NYC . This community center, open to everyone, is also in a neighborhood of sex shops and a REAL mosque. No problems with that, it appears. Just more diverionary tactics used by the hate-filled Republicans to get into office and cause us to vote against our own self-interests (jobs).

  18. Atta….boy…put a stick in the hornet’s net and watch what happens…Kenny (your sophomore name) you are the greatest.

    And all these year’s I thought You and I were the two greatest expoted products of the great city of Cape Girardeau…

    So you want me to ride up there to Ocala on my bike (motorcycle) and take a look?

    I barely remember the guy…Terry Jones who…and in a month I will barely remember him again…

  19. It is rather fascinating that both of these individuals came out of the same class! And I love the rhetoric that has developed on your sight, Kenny! And you just thought you were a photographer!! You are a making people think and respond..that is great. Love it!

  20. RELIGIOUS TOLERANCE, I’m all for it. When I can walk down a street in IRAN hold up my bible and say I’m a christian without getting my head cut off, my body, bible and flag burned, then we have religious tolerance….Ray Boren

  21. How does it help to be intolerant of the intolerant? First remove the speck from you own eye before trying to remove the speck in mine eye.

    We are witnessing closed minded bigotry but it is coming from those who would lynch Terry Jones for exercising his 1st amendment rights peaceably.

  22. What’s the greater connection between Jones and Rush (beyond hometown roots)? I believe I answered that when I responded to a Miami Herald article:

    This episode is a wonderful example of how individuals today use politics and religion to raise themselves to positions of celebrity and power. Simply put: hate sells; fear fuels hate; and he who can engender fear in the masses and fan those flames into hate raises him/herself into a position of celebrity and riches. People across the nation listen to this person, quote this person, and take their message of fear and hate to heart. This is the formula in our country today for those who desperately crave the attention of the masses and the add-on of great wealth. Turn on any talk radio show; listen with an objective, critical ear, and see if it isn’t true. Jones is simply attempting to emulate a formula he has seen work so successfully for others. He just made the mistake of adding too much fuel to the fire too fast.

  23. Of course this is news, Ken… and a great job of investigative reporting. And by the way, I do think there is a significant linkage between Limbaugh and Jones, besides graduating from the same high school and class: Both are in the business of promoting themselves for fame and profit through egregious and harmful fomentations of intolerance, although it is certainly arguable about the degree of egregiousness differentiating the two. It is heartening to me to see the majority of respondents from our home town do not support Jones or his hateful policies. Perhaps it wasn’t something in the water…. and these two are just rogue (fill in the blank).

  24. So many comments in Tiger Updates, e.g., reflect such fond memories it’s a shock to learn that Rush and Jones came from the same class at our same school. It doesn’t say anything about anyone else but it is an extraordinary coincidence and should give us pause. I was told some months ago that my comments regarding racial experiences around our hometown region caused Updates to be blocked from transmission until my comments were removed. I wondered who among my classmates would take such offense at true statements as to censor me. I can’t help but see at least a slight connection. There are attitudes out there that may not be as extreme as Rush and Jones, but they exist and they have an effect. I take heart again, however, to see so many comments of dismay at the rants from two of our homeboys.

    1. Just to clarify one thing, John, I have no connection to the Tiger updates except as a subscriber.

      I reserve the right to remove personal attacks from this blog (unless they’re attacking me), but the only messages I remove are spam or the infrequent one where someone has pressed the SEND button twice and created a duplicate comment.

      I DID edit a comment once, with the writer’s permission, to clear up an error he had made and corrected in a later message. The writer and I agreed that it would be better to have one correct message than the combination of a mistake and a correction.

      As long as writers are civil and more-or-less on topic, they’re welcome here. I’ve been impressed with the quality and quantity of comments over the past year.

  25. Harharharharhar…. bleedin Yanks… bleedin God chasers… religion is pretty darned funny on this little limited resource planet thats our home. Burning is such a waste of energy that we can’t really afford. Nor can we afford to waste the amount of energy we use in munitions. how long until the lessons are learnt? All you religious folks are acting like little children playing in the same sandpit. Sort it out, realise that you have to look further than you can see. Over the horizion are many people who are wishing that you would all stop your rubbish and grow up.

  26. I find it facinating, reading these comments. Your high school produced an equal amount of folks on the far left and the right….I would love to see this group in a room discussing politics

    1. Cape is a fairly conservative town. But, because it’s a small town, discourse is usually pretty civilized.

      Odds are you’re going to run into the person at the gas station, the grocery store, picking up your kid at school, etc. It’s hard to demonize someone when you look them in the eye on a regular basis.

      It’s a town of amazing coincidences, too.

      Here’s an example: the last time I was in Cape, I ran into a guy who had been carrying my business card for 30-plus years.

  27. It’s great to see that a REAL minister graduated from the Cape Girondeau High School. (Are you near a body of water?) Rev. John Burciaga was my minister at the Clearwater UU Church, and a courageous and well educated, ethical human being. If your John Burciaga from Newburyport, Ma. is the same one, then it makes the emergence of ‘Train Wreck’ Jones and Oxycotin Limbaugh from the same high school even more amazing. How really strange. I’ll have to call up my Missouri cousins in St. Joseph, MO. and find out more.

    1. Cape Girardeau (once touted as the only inland cape, but I’ve never verified that), is on the banks of The Mighty Mississippi River that meanders its way to the Gulf of Mexico.

      Mark Twain mentions it.

      Rush Limbaugh’s visage is painted on a mural of famous Missourians that adorns the dry side of the flood wall protecting the city from flooding. Terry Jones has become, arguably, more famous than some of the folks pictured there.

  28. By the way Ray……Iran is a multicultural society.
    In fact the foreign minister was JEW in the 1990’s.
    Look it up, hillbilly.

  29. Ken
    I never listen to Rush Limbaugh or the new guy Beck. I think Terry Jones got exactly what he was looking for with all the news media. Without all the attention given to him, he may have lost his goal. I also wonder if he would have ever came up with this if there had not been predecessors that used a slightly milder form of hate talk. The Hippies started out with young educated students who were “Hip” to the war, politics and the social injustice of the country. The tea party started out to be people who were concerned about government spending.

  30. I notice that some former members of Jones’ church in Germany have come forward to describe that operation as more of a cult that Jones used to enrich himself. Some members eventually escaped it before he was asked to move on. I don’t know how some organizations go from being religious to slipping into cults, but I am guessing it is usually related to some kind of underlying psychopathology in the leader. Sad for the members and sometimes deadly.

    1. I’ll consider that a ball, but it was terribly close to the strike zone.

      If you want to elaborate your point of view without the “homo” and “hillbilly” references, go to it.

      My feelings aren’t hurt, but this establishment does have standards.

  31. Thanks for linking your town with Mark Twain, one of my idols. Who was it named for? How far are you from St. Joseph?

    1. Alice,

      Cape Girardeau is the largest city between St. Louis and Memphis, and is about half-way between the two cities, on the Mississippi River.

      The “Cape” in the city name came from a rock promontory overlooking the Mississippi River.

      It’s been said that Cape Rock was the most-visited spot to see the river between St. Louis and Memphis. Many a Cape teenager would go there at night with a date to watch the submarine races.

      The “Girardeau” part comes from Jean Baptiste de Girardot, who established a temporary trading post in the area around 1733.

      St. Joe and Cape are diagonally across from each other. Cape is in SE MO and St. Joe is in SW MO. They’re roughly 400 miles apart by road.

  32. Somewhere a “journalist” went to school with someone who turned out to be a child molester. I guess that makes the journalist a child molester.

    This story is so stupid, but so typical of what poses as intelligent discourse from the left.

    1. Jorge,

      What fact in the story are you disputing?

      1. Terry Jones was a member of the Class of Cape Girardeau Central High School in 1969.

      2. Rush Limbaugh was a member of the Class of Cape Girardeau Central High School in 1969.

      3. Having two people of such fame or infamy come from a single class in a small town is a remarkable coincidence.

      A coincidence is “a chance occurrence of events remarkable either for being simultaneous or for apparently being connected.” The coincidence in this case is the first instance. No connection between the two men is made, other than being classmates.

      Remarkable means worth remarking about, the same way it would be remarkable if one member of the class of 69 had cured cancer and another one had been a serial killer.

      Note: I am NOT saying that either Jones or Limbaugh are cancer curers or serial killers.

      I think your example falls apart pretty quickly.

  33. Of course I knew that Rush Limbaugh was from my home town but it was a real shock to find I share that “sacred heritage” with Terry Jones [I refuse to use Rev. for I suspect the title was not conferred by any legitimate community of faith anymore than his “doctorate” was conferred by any legitimate school]. I did enjoy your penetrating, bubble popping humor and the responses and reactions it provoked. Hopefully there will continue to be more of the thoughtful, reflective responses and less of the reactive spasms. But keep stirring the pot.

  34. Ken
    The fraud that is Limbaugh screams for light, and of course it comes with heat some times.
    His chosen scheme for making boatloads of money is insulting to anyone with half of a pea for a brain, and I compare him it to the likes of Pat Robertson.
    At least even idiots know that Tom Hanks is just an actor, and it IS ONLY A MOVIE.
    Rush should be ashamed forever.

  35. I don’t know where all the hate for our boy and hometown hero, Rush comes from, do you?
    He is an entertainer in the style of Mark Twain, another river rat. Both men were loved by many and unloved by many others. Both men use satire to make a point, a method that is at times hard for simpler minds to understand the pure truth hidden in the humor. The guy is right (or factually correct as checked by outside sources) in 99.5% of what he says. He is frequently misquoted by the media, so I can understand others if they think Rush is factually incorrect. Most people rely on second hand quotes of others to tell you what Rush says…and if that is you then, well enough said.
    Now if you don’t agree with him politically then so be it, to each his own. That is why as citizens we vote and “throw the rascals out” if we don’t like them. That is the American way and a discussion of facts and opinion’s is also the American way. If you don’t like Rush then don’t buy Snapple and …well I like Snapple so pick another product, but you get the idea. Again the American way, don’t like it, DON’T BUY IT!
    And we all looked liked “HOMO’s” in the late “60’s” and “70”s, dude! Rush was not alone in this, look at around the page there are other creepy looks going on…
    To the guy who said that Iran was is a Multi cultural society is correct…the “in group” and the “out group”. Two groups make it multi cultural; right my fact checkers out there?
    I do like to show the light of truth on blanket statements that others make and give them credit when it is truly disserved.
    BTW: Look what happened the Jew who was Foreign Minster and lawyer who represented the lady in the latest Adultery case…(look it up, but check the Scandinavian countries for the latest) Yes, Iran is a fair and open multi cultural society, like we should strive for here in America…. comments on this are not necessary.
    My opinion only.

  36. What do you know? There were more African-Americans in Limbaugh’s year at this high school than host MSNBC TV programs. [Tweet that, Keith.]

    1. Cape Girardeau had a small, but relatively well-assimilated minority community.

      Kage School had black and white students attending the same one-room school at far back as 1889.

      A fortuitous fire at the one of the city’s black schools moved up integration in town. The City Fathers saw it coming and decided that it would be foolish to spend the money on “separate but equal” facilities.

      I wrote that growing up in Cape had made me “race aware,” but, hopefully, not racist. My brother, 10 years younger, was light years ahead of me.

      Adults frequently practiced discrimination in ways that kids didn’t, classmate Gerald Love told me at this summer’s class reunion.

      Sorry that my comment won’t fit in a tweet. Serious topics deserve serious answers.

  37. “Let’s hope his actions don’t provide the spark to ignite worldwide violence.”

    This statement is fallacious and absurd. It’s based on a logical fallacy.

    Since when did Islamo-fascists need ANY spur or excuse to violence?

    Did you know that MUSLIMS daily burn Korans. More than that they burn PEOPLE.

    That would be when various sects perform vile acts of violence on each other when they BLOW UP each others mosks.

    Try to bring a Jewish/Christian bible into many countries in the grip of Islamo-fascism and see what happens to you, let alone the bible.

    Let me be clear, as the President is so fond of saying, I DEPLORE the burning of books, period. Whatever people consider to be their “Holy” book in particular. Just because the glorious magnificent 1st Amendment gives one the absolute right to exercise free speech with the government adriding it, does not mean one has to.

    Such as building a supremacist mosk (or is it now cultural center) at ground zero to truly stick it in the face of so many Americas, the vast majority of whom did NOT lose any family on 9/11.

    But isn’t it just so darn gosh a coincidence that this nothing story has been elevated by the President of the United States and the lickspittle media as the Moskite elites have taken such as beating from ordinary people. 70% OPPOSE. That’s seven out of ten for illiterate liberals.

    Oh, and another thing. Since when does the FBI get to visit a private citizen performing a legal, if classless act, on his own property?

    Really? The FBI. Really? Sure, NO outrage there from our leftist friends. Well, they SUPPORT that sort of federal intimidation.

    But let’s return to the pious blah of “let’s hope that…”

    As I said, that’s absurd. The peaceful mobs of poorly educated Muslim drones who threaten to kill anyone who calls them “not peaceful” have been ginned up by a compliant media looking to distract from the ground zero mosk, and hopefully assist Obama.

    So if anyone does die, I start off by blaming MSNBC, CBS, Obama, Holder, and all their odious sanctimonious, hypocritical ilk.

    1. TYPOS

      Just because the glorious magnificent 1st Amendment gives one the absolute right to exercise free speech with (SIC) the government adriding (SIC)it, does not mean one has to.

      Americas (SIC)

      Sorry, they should read: WITHOUT, ABRIDGING & AMERICANS

  38. TYPOS

    “Wust because the glorious magnificent 1st Amendment gives one the absolute right (SIC)to exercise free speech with the government adriding (SIC) it, does not mean one has to.”

    They should read WITHOUT and ABRIDGING, of course.

  39. TYPOS

    “Just because the glorious magnificent 1st Amendment gives one the absolute right to exercise free speech with (sic) the government adriding (sic) it, does not mean one has to.

    These should read, of course: WITHOUT and ABRIDGING.

  40. Sorry for the delay….a boy needs to rest occaisionally.
    It is just amazing that a pic of Rush in Mo would be referred to as of a “hero”
    To mention him in a sentence with Mark Twain is something like you would expect coming from Glenn Beck, or Sarah Palin.
    Rush is a cartoon character that incites nimrods with his delivery and content.
    He does it on purpose, for the purpose of making zillions of dollars.
    He would prop up progressives, if it sold better, and he is a huge distraction, that is bad for America and the world.
    Sorry for the Homo reference, it was crude for sure, but accurate nonetheless.
    I have listened to RL since the early 1990’s and he is very rarely misquoted, he simply just puts his foot in his mouth time and time again.
    Some of the crap he says makes for classic soundbites, listen for yourself for a while, you will not need to wait long.

  41. In Response to : Mark Wagner

    Mark Wagner posts that Rush L. “Is rarely misquoted” I listen to Rush nearly everyday and have been for years. He is always misquoted! I am not defending Rush , I am simply pointing out the truth which I find ofensive from any alleged journalist. When I was a little girl I wanted to be a broadcast journalist but not today. The media can say anything true or not. I don’t appreciate the Media lying to me and confusing the public. Yet it goes on every day and is left un-punished and without shame. People still think if someone says it, it must be so. Now Most of the TV news networks have been punished to some extent by losing viewers. Now FOX NEWS is king for a reason. If they want to be against Rush fine! but come on CNN, MSNBC etc… at least tell the tuth.
    It is not that hard to play an entire Rush L. show and here the contect of what he is talking about! They sneak around and chop up his discussions so that you and I will believe that Rush was cutting on someone or saying something anti american. It has gotten so bad Rush has now started predicting to a T what the libs will try to acuse him of.
    Like Rush or not he is always misquoted which is beyond a disgrace to Jouranalism which is virtually dead. RIP

    1. Your statement of Rush being constantly misquoted IS TRUE. CONSTANTLY AND DELIBERATELY, Many PORTRAY HIM AS SOMEONE HE IS NOT. I have listened to him on and off over the years – and I have CONSISTENTLY heard him misquoted and inexcusably lied about throughout the media.

      If I based my opinion of Rush Limbaugh strictly on the statements made by “Mainstream” media and liberal slanting talk shows – I, too, would have a very unfavorable view of the man.

      The simple fact is – they would love to destroy his character because his views are different from theirs.

      They lie and fabricate and then have no shame.

      It’s telling that most of these media and talk show types number their viewers/listeners in the thousands while Rush attracts over 25 million listeners a week.

      The general public senses when they are being lied to.

      1. This is not a story about whether or not Rush would know the truth if it bit him.

        It’s simply pointing out the coincidence of two of the most prominent exports from Cape Central High School being in the same class.

        If you want to discuss that topic you’re welcome to.

        I don’t want this to degenerate into an “I love Rush / I hate Rush” slugfest.

  42. “Any voyeur will tell you, the best view of a train wreck is from the high road.”
    -Carolyn Hax

    Man oh man, I wish you had submissions like this everyday, this has been a lot of fun. Get out there and turn over some more rocks!

  43. Whether our views are left, right or centrist we must agree our country has a Bill of Rights that are guaranteed to every U.S. citizen. Our individual right are guaranteed. Emphasis on individual. Even if 70 or 80 or 90 percent of the nation is appalled by or has opinions 180 degrees of the “one” it does not negate those guaranteed rights. If the hearts and minds of the many sincerely believe something should not happen that does not make it a criminal offense if it does happen. But it DOES call into question the logical reasoning ability and self aggrandizement of the “one”. Terry Jones seems to fall into this category. What a crazy, dangerous crackpot he is, unaware what his actions could reap. He threw away his responsibility to his congregation, community, country and his God for personal gain. And jeez louise what happened to him? He is only 59 years old but looks much older. If that is what hate does, give me love any day. For years I have been disgusted by those individuals intent on gaining notoriety, money or influence by saying the most outrageous, hurtful, untrue things. My opinion of Rusty/Rush was formed in the nineties with his unkind words for a 13 year old Chelsea Clinton. And he insisted for months that the Clintons had killed the suicidal Vince Foster. These examples are only a speck of the tip of the iceberg. I cannot listen to him for even 10 minutes without being repulsed by his hateful delivery. Rusty/Rush grew up with a good family and had every opportunity. He shares his name with his wonderful grandfather. But he chose, and still chooses, to be less than, rather than more than. I don’t expect all you Ditto heads out there to understand this. And to those writing about the non freedom in other countries, that is just it. It IS another country, not our own wonderful country. Your guaranteed rights do not extend beyond the U.S. borders. When you are in a foreign country you are expected to obey THEIR laws, even if you disagree with them. If you cannot do so, expect to pay the consequences.
    Proud and relieved to be a member of the Cape Central High class of 1970.

  44. Barbara, I don’t know how you know that personal gain is what motivates Terry Jones, unless you know something about his personality from your high school days that I don’t know. I don’t know what does motivate him, and it’s possible that personal gain may be a part of it, but I don’t think we really know. I am mildly curious as to what it is, especially if his sort of strange thinking catches on. To counteract it, it might help to understand it, but we’re not going to get any understanding from the news stories about him, which are basically a hate campaign against him more than a matter of reporting.

    Or maybe you meant personal gain in some larger, non-monetary sense. But in that case, all of us are motivated by personal gain.

    I suppose we should be careful about the way we throw the word hate around. I’ve seen more hate directed at Rush Limbaugh in this comment thread than I’ve ever heard from him, although I should be careful in how I say that because I can’t stand to listen to him any more, so I’m not positive about what he’s been saying in the last decade. But one reason I quit listening to him was that it was always the same whiney stuff, over and over, without helping me learn any more.

    Even though I can’t stand to listen to him, your classmate Rush is a hero of mine. He has taken everything the leftwing hate machine has thrown at him, and he’s still standing. That counts for a lot.

    But I agree with you about what he said about Chelsea Clinton. It’s not only Chelsea. He spent way too much time making fun of the personal physical appearance of a whole bunch of people in the Clinton administration, making himself no better than Al Franken in that regard. He also aligned himself with particular political candidates, which I think was foolish for him to do. He probably still does it.

    I used to listen to Rush back in the days of the Vince Foster controversy, and don’t recall him ever saying the Clintons had killed Foster. I’m pretty sure I would have remembered it if he had. That there was scandal that was being covered up, yes. I don’t think anyone denies that, though.

    I am also annoyed that Rush is so appallingly ignorant regarding the science on environmental issues. He seems to understand that he has limitations, but he hasn’t overcome them. He really should have finished college. It also makes me wonder what he didn’t learn in his science classes at Cape Girardeau. But even though he is ignorant about the science, he is often spot-on in his understanding of leftists and the politics of these issues.

    As you might guess from this, my heroes are far from perfect people.

    As to the rights people have in other countries, I don’t think we should dismiss concerns about what happens beyond our borders. A loss of rights in other countries weakens our own rights within our borders, and vice versa. This sort of thing isn’t constrained by borders and written laws. We shouldn’t just blindly accept unjust laws and practices in other countries, even though we often have to comply with them when traveling. (I remember back in the day that I once responded to something Rush had said about Mexico, saying that it would be better to show a little respect, that we shouldn’t treat it as a dog on a short leash and yank on the chain once in a while to show who is boss. Respect IMO also means respect for the rights of the people who live in other countries.)

    I’m from a Class of 1966 in a smaller town in different state. In high school my opinions were usually misaligned with everyone else’s – teachers and students. Some of this came out during the Goldwater campaign. At the very end of my senior year a few people, including the principal, went out of their way to come up to me and say they admired and respected the way I did that. I don’t remember their exact words, but I remember very well being embarrassed and not knowing what to say or how to react to that kind of comment. One thing I learned in high school was that I never won an argument, so I don’t expect to now. I think my record is unbroken in that regard. But I did sometimes influence people a little bit, and was usually flumoxed when I found out about it.

  45. what is the difference between terry jones and hitler, burning books bibles,koran, torah cookbooks,(theres an idea) has never stopped people from thinking for themselves. ya just gotta be smarter than the guys with the big mouths, take the bibles and koran and whatever with a grain of salt. theres a little bit of knowledge in all of them and a lot of bs. if you can think for yourself, stop letting “stars”, politicians and the media, tell you what they think(haha) you’ll be way out ahead of the rest of the sheep

  46. Rev. David Middleton

    The comments in response to this article provide a case study of how quickly an observation can deteriorate into an heated conflict. As I read my own previous comment I may have contributed to driving the wedge. If so, it was not my intent and I regret it. I deplore the exploitation of wedge issues in our society and its tendency to split us into warring factions, yelling epithets at one another, and generating heat and not light. We need to recover rational and civil discourse. So, cool it.
    To give this event a historical context and lighten the conversation there was a similar note that Lincoln and Jefferson Davis had common roots. After Davis had promulgated a death sentence on all runaway slaves, one person remarked to Lincoln that it was incredible that they were both born in the same state. Lincoln’s response was that ” My home state of Kentucky is an agricultural wonder–It can produce just about anything.” Perhaps the same can be said of our Alma Mater.
    A story that Lincoln himself told was about two Quaker ladies comparing him to the more obviously pious Jefferson Davis.
    “Thee knows,” said one, “that Mr. David is a praying man.”
    “Yes,” replied the other, “but so is Mr. Lincoln a praying man.”
    “That tis true,” said the first, “but the Lord will think Abraham is joking.”

  47. On a totally serious note: It seems I sound like my grandfather these days when I comment on the total, uncurious lemmings that seem to be everywhere.
    Rush is a draft dodger, just ask ANYONE OF MY GENERATION…..they will tell you he is a phony and a chickenhawk, to boot.
    He is an iliterate, slacker that has tapped into a minority of our population that lives his every spasm, and will swear to it, like it was from the bible.
    If I were a prostitute like that I could make multi-trillions from the morons that seem to be born every minute.
    Rush, like the others in that trade, will go to hell, as they should, for the worst kind of deception, if there is a God.
    What he does is no different screwing anyone, any time, for only the gold.
    Have a nice day.

    1. Mark,

      I deleted two of your comments directed at specific individuals. I assumed they were meant to be tongue in cheek, but I’d rather not take a chance on a misunderstanding.

      Can we send this thread off to oblivion, too? You make some points that I’d probably agree with, but I don’t want this to turn into a Rush is a Demon / Rush is an Angel discussion.

      My daughter-in-law has been following the topic in some mainstream sites that picked up the link. She was appalled at how the “discussion” has nose-dived into the “get the tar and feathers” level or below, with both sides shouting at each other. Those sites don’t care what people say, so long as they log hits. I’d rather encourage a higher, more civilized level of discourse.

      If you want to discuss it, send me an email.

  48. Ken
    I am 61 years old, a successful business owner, and voted for Richard Nixon, twice, and have never voted for a Democrat, for president
    I am a college graduate, with two degrees, a Vietnam veteran, and generally am well informed, regarding current events.
    I am an avid student of history, and it would have been a vocation, if it paid better.
    Rush, whom I have listened to regularly, for many years is a phoney and a dangerous phoney, that has spawned several other wantabeeeee’s, and we all know who they are.
    He is a threat to my country, because of his appeal to the lowest demoninator, and his success at it.
    He is not very bright, and I detest his use of his junior high school vocabulary words.
    That is why I say what I do.
    I can tolerate, a thief, I can pass on a burgler, and have a passive understanding of a junkie.
    He is much worse than any of them, because his victims are so many.
    But I will admit that this country is deteriorating, and it is being pushed along by the self serving, that happen to use the communication mediums of our time.
    You can delete my comments, it is your right to limit my speech, apparently.
    I have grown accustomed to selective, political correctness.

    1. Mark,

      I guess we might as well trade credentials, since you brought it up.

      I’m a couple years your senior. I was a Barry Goldwater supporter before I could vote and still like a lot of the things he stood for.

      Up until the last few elections, I could say that I never voted for a winning president. There were even a couple of elections where I threw my vote away on third-part candidates.

      From 1965, when I graduated high school, to 2008, when I retired, I was never active in a political campaign. I never had a bumper sticker on my car, nor a sign in my yard. It’s impossible to filter out EVERY bias, but I’m pretty comfortable in saying that no politician ever knew which candidate I voted for on election day. Even today, it’s hard for me to express a political opinion because of that background.

      During the 40-plus years I was in the newspaper business, I was fortunate enough to WITNESS history being made.

      Now that I’m pulling together stuff I shot over those years, I’m humbled to think that some of the stories I thought were routine when I was banging them out may be the stuff that historians study years from now. History belongs to the victors (and to the guys who wrote it down).

      I’m 10 hours short of a BFA and claim no special academic prowess.

      I managed to hold off the draft long enough to get a high number in the draft lottery. It’s not something I’m proud of, but it is something that I will freely admit. Like you, I don’t have any respect for those of our generation who thought the draft was “inconvenient” or who took safe jobs in the National Guard and then pretended their service was the equal to those who were truly in harm’s way.

      Like Ronald Reagan said one time, “It’s my microphone,” so I DO reserve the right to delete comments if I think they are taking the thread off topic or they are getting too personal.

      The topic, after all, is the strange coincidence that two major players in the news came out of the same class in the same high school in a small Midwestern town. It’s not a debate about whether Rush Limbaugh OR Terry Jones are admirable or loathsome individuals.

      Like you, I find myself getting crankier in my dotage. I read somewhere that the filter that keeps you from blurting out inappropriate things starts to break down when you start to pile on the years. “Hey, KID, turn that music down. Get a haircut. Get off my yard!!!” Whew, that made me feel so much better.

      1. Re our dotages, it’s called “losing our inhibitions.” It happened to our dog and cat when they got old, too.

        Can you imagine what the world would be like if people lived on average another 50 years, drawing social security and losing all their inhibitions? Fortunately, when we get old we lose the ability to do some of the things that our inhibitions once prevented us from doing. Unfortunately, we also lose the inhibitions that would keep us from whining, complaining, and speaking our minds about anything we don’t like.

        I’m not going to name any names, but it might also be that some of us got old before our time.

  49. Hi Ken: You got a fun website with a lot of good information and histoy. Thanks for deleting the bad name callers. They have nothing to offer. Ray Boren

  50. I lived in Cape until 1965 and attended Jefferson School from the second through the sixth grade. Terry Jones was in my class. All I can remember about him is that he had difficulty reading and was in remedial classes for it. Can’t recall his ever saying much of anything, but he was labelled “dumb” by many of the kids. Maybe that’s what made him so full of hate. . .?

  51. Ken
    You do have a somewhat unique view of events over time, and that is refreshing.
    If people want to believe the written, and spoken words these days, then they should be assigned reading from vintage sources, actually written 50 plus years ago.
    There has a tendancy to fabricate, and distort facts, figures, and the such by interested party’s, to suit their goals.
    Total distortions are commonplace, and you have witnessed for sure.
    For instance, if a person were to question the classic efforts of GWB to avoid service, that person would be shouted down.
    But to a person our age, we know he jumped 5 years of waiting list in Texas, and should have been drafted, plain and simple.
    mid twenties, single, healthy….pack your bags, in 1966. Next stop: Camp Leonard Wood.
    But Clinton was a Rhodes Scholar, and never had to even try to pull strings, of course he didn’t have many to pull anyway…he just was a bright kid from a lower class family.
    The point is that the convential story is that Bush is a vet, and Clinton is a draft dodger.
    And to tell some of these zombies the truth would be impossible, and you would just be considered a hater.
    The facts are either of them would have gone if drafted, I never even met a person that didn’t when called.
    It was just what you did, when you grew up in Odessa or Hope.
    So the distortions are just plain old partisan.
    Have a nice day.
    Mark T Wagner, from Michigan

  52. Ken,
    I’m appalled at the stupidity, bias and general ignorance of many of your commentators. They seem to have formed their opinions from listening to the media or party propaganda machines in this country.
    Terry Jones has a right to his opinion. I think we need to be aware of the threat to our country from this radical political muslim “religion”.
    As always “Rush Is Right”! He brings to our attention many things omitted from normal media news.

  53. Amazing to see your story go national. I noticed the Washington Post did not credit your blog quote with your name. Upon telling my parents of this connection, they were mostly shocked it has not appeared in the Missourian at all and therefore thought I was making it up!!!
    Ken you are doing a wonderful job with this blog. I wish more in the mainstream media had your objectivity and level “headedness” in the heat of controversy. It is sorely needed in these challenging times.

    1. Thanks, Barbara. The story really took off. The site received more traffic in three days than it usually gets in a month.

      As far as I know, The Missourian has been mostly quiet about this, except for one sentence added to a wire story saying that Jones was from Cape. There have been some Speak-Out comments mentioning the Limbaugh/Jones coincidence, but that’s it.

      It’s always easier to do stories like this when you’re not the hometown paper.

  54. WOW,Ken, i guess its not just a few people you tend to “stir up” good bad or indifferent, nice to know people are paying attention.

  55. After going through a lot of these over the weekend, I understand even more of what rush is talking about. Long live Rush!! Keep telling it like it is El
    Rushbo! the natives are restless

  56. Rush has talked about Jones on his show and did not mention the connection… I think we should dig deeper into the relationship between these two. Rush stirs us up, makes fools of us, stands back as we come to blows, and then laughs all the way to the bank… is TJ laughing with him?

    1. Back in the late 50s, this type of “looking for connections” was a hallmark of McCarthyism. I remember those days very well. I remember seeing the little tracts with lots of red print, lots of bolding and underlining. (I don’t remember the early 50s very well, though.)

      1. I don’t know what kind of classes were taught in Cape Cape Girardeau’s high school, but in Henning High School in Minnesota we were taught in English and history classes to recognize propaganda techniques such as band wagoning and guilt-by-association. I’ve been eternally grateful to have learned how to recognize those things when I see them, and I often wish those lessons were still taught.

        1. John,

          Cape had some decent schools. I’ll put them against most small public schools in the country.

          There wasn’t much band wagonery practiced in Cape. Central High made its band march. At Halloween, though, hay wagonery was known to occur.

          You and I both sound like we grew up in small towns and we share similar interests in cycling and local history. I’m sure you’ve run into lots of strange coincidences in your historical scrapings.

          [As an aside, John does an excellent blog he describes as “The Spokesrider lives in southwest Michigan. He goes on bicycling expeditions to places where he can say, “Black Hawk Slept Here.” But that phrase gets interpreted very broadly. Almost any excuse to ride to a place of settlement-era history will do.” It’s fun reading, even if you don’t know who Black Hawk is.]

          I’m not sure how many times I can say the word, “coincidence.” And, I’m not the tv cable “news” guy with the blackboard bleating about connecting the dots.

          1. You make a good point, Ken. A guy like me who has a blog in which the subheadline says, “Everything is connected to everything,” probably shouldn’t complain about people who go looking for connections.

            Maybe I shouldn’t even complain about people who are trying to start witch-hunts, because two of my favorite historical characters who have been the subjects of many bike rides had been the instigators of witch-hunts back in Black Hawk’s day, and had had several “witches” assassinated. And speaking of connections, I think Tecumseh and Tenskwatawa even had a Cape Girardeau connection.

            Btw, I’ve been looking for some excuse to post this quote from Alexander Solshinitsyn that I found last night while looking for something for my blog on Russian movies. It perhaps explains why, even though I, too, like looking for connections, I try to back away from the witch-hunt approach to solving the Terry Jones problem or any other problem:

            “If only there were evil people somewhere insidiously committing evil deeds, and it were necessary only to separate them from the rest of us and destroy them. But the line dividing good and evil cuts through the heart of every human being. And who is willing to destroy a piece of his own heart?”

    2. If Rush were in it for the money – he would have quit a long time ago.

      When he first started broadcasting – he made very little money – hardly enough to survive – yet he continued to love radio and broadcasting and did so for years before he made it big.

      But his views were heartfelt and he was not timid to speak what he felt needed to be heard.

      Many ignorant people today, since they cannot successfully debate him on the issues – have need to chop him down with fabricated lies: ” . . he’s laughing his way to the bank , . . He’s a racist . . . , He’s a hater ” etc. etc.

      I have listened to him for some time now and none of those common accusations holds a drop of water.

      Why not debate properly and hold up your ideas to the fire and see if they can stand up against solid conservative American values !

        1. Thank you soooo much Ken, this discussion has turned into a Rush thing, and it did not start that way.

  57. Ken, I was impressed with the clarity, humor and insight you brought to this article. Yes, it’s a coincidental bit of information that when I heard it, made me run to Google for confirmation! A head-slap, if not a face-palm moment.

    Then I went on to read the comments on your article. I’m almost in awe of how well you have responded, moderated and guided the commentary. I know that has now taken far more time than your original post. Your intelligence, humor, candidness, honesty, and your no-nonsense approach to dealing with Trolls is stunning.

    Thank you for bringing more light than heat.

    Thank you for writing the article. But thank you more for continuing to guide the conversation. I know that can’t go on forever; I wish it could.

    You are a ROCK STAR in my book! And yes, I will go looking for your facebook fan page, so I won’t have to ask to be your personal iFriend. I’ll be content with fawning from afar. You are no mere mortal, and have made a fan. I LIKE you.

    Rock on!

  58. I started following when I discovered that Terry Jones had the same name as a relative of mine. He (thank God) turned out not to be my relative, but a decade too old. I’m currently in TX, but Cape Girardeau is my home town, so you can see the confusion. I graduated in 1982 from University High. Central is a huge school. Rush could have well gone to Central, graduated the same year as this guy, and never met him. And besides, who among us showed our politics at 18? At 17-18 I was a burn-your-bra liberal and now I’m slightly to the right of Atilla the Hun. A lot of us actually grow up and grow a few brain cells. We realize that the life of living off the government can’t last forever. Of course, in my case, 4 years in the United States Navy helped to make me a conservative.

    I don’t agree with Terry Jones in burning the Quran, only because it would do nothing but insite Muslims to violence. Is it within his right to do it? Yes, he has the 1st amendment right to do it. Is it insensitive, absolutely. I would not like it if someone burned the Bible. I wouldn’t riot and kill over it, but I would be insulted. But, on the other hand, I don’t like the FBI coming in and threatening him to stop, either. My daddy always told me you can’t back down once bullied. It just tells a bully that they can have their way with you. Next, they’ll be telling you to move out of your house, or something worse. They’ll be insisting on building a victory Mosque at ground zero.

  59. Maybe I will run into the Spokesrider on the KalHaven trail, and can show him our family farm which was cut up by it.
    I will look for his moniker, and he can look for “Cooperguy”

    1. I’ve never met John, AKA Spokesrider, but I’ve read a lot of his postings on a bike touring list and I follow his blog.

      Sometimes we may not be on exactly the same page politically, but that doesn’t keep us from enjoying our virtual friendship. A little spice always makes the meal better.

      If you’re in his neck of the woods, I hope you connect. I suspect you guys would hit it off.

  60. Ken, I regret that my comment regarding censorship of my remarks in a Tiger Update may have appeared to make a connection between it and your blog. But thank you for taking that opportunity to express your own personal policy, which is very fair and equitable.
    To pre-empt further misunderstanding, I want all to know that the censorship mentioned did not come from the Roussels, who conduct that valuable “conversation” between school- and class-mates in a very even-handed, non-judgmental manner, and provides all of us a forum for our memories. But apparently some (former) CHS readers’ umbrage at my remarks forced blocking of transmission till my descriptions of racial incidents near Cape were removed. That, to me, was an early “red flag” as to an unflattering underside to our otherwise remarkable town and area.
    As for my own blog, I have commented on Rush many times, as well as in my weekly newspaper column–one of the latter was reprinted in every state of the U.S. one or more times, titled, “Rush to Judgment.” The blog version is at “Ichabod’s Kin” at http://www.ichabodskin.wordpress.com in the Politics category (over a year ago) though other of my columns and blogs have referenced Rush.
    As for Terry Jones, regardless of his right to say what he does, there is little excuse for it other than ignorance and/or a vast store of internal vitriol. And there is a difference between acknowledging his “right” to say it and defending what he says, as some comments seem to do. Though I’m also a journalist, speaking as a clergyman, I’ll exercise my right of free speech to say that Jones is giving religion a bad name.

  61. I have a problem trusting people who post and won’t use their real name, but a moniker, anyway. It harkens back to my childhood when you used a CB “handle” because you didn’t want people to know who you were. I, too have a blog. I use my real name, I post a picture of myself on it. I have nothing to hide. I even post my history. I don’t have body guards. My mom was Rush Limbaugh’s nurse when he was 12 years old. She strongly dislikes him and won’t listen to him at all on the radio even now. I don’t listen to him much, though my husband is an advid listener. I just don’t have time. I’m a mom of a Down Syndrome adult and a gifted 11 yr old. My plate is too full for all these conspiracy theories out today. When I have listened to Rush I have discovered that he puts into words what I feel is wrong and can’t voice. I blog and research for asamom.org, as well as my own blog. I wasn’t into politics until my country got threatened. My parents are Democrats, until this administration, and then they claimed Independent status. That should tell you something. This Administration has made me politically active. Everything I blogged about a year ago has made the political arena….

    1. To get a letter to the editor printed in most papers I worked for you had to sign your real name, address and provide a telephone number so the paper could verify that you were actually the writer.

      In their quest of hits, most media outlets allow anonymous posting these days. Few do any kind of moderation.

      That, as much as anything has contributed to the coarsening of our national dialog. People hiding behind ever-shifting aliases feel free to post the most vile things they wouldn’t think of saying if they were responsible for their words.

      I have a regular poster here who provides the most interesting perspective on Cape’s history. He generally posts with a name that most of us locals would recognize, followed by (Not). Because I have his real email address and have exchanged some messages with him (still not knowing his real identity), I give him (her?) some leeway.

      I weigh what you say and who you are when I look at moderating comments. If you have something valid to contribute, but use an alias, I can live with it. If you are a troll with a real name, you’re gone after warning.

      I suspect you and I would butt heads over the dinner table, but I don’t think the evening would end in a food fight.

  62. Amy my dear
    Did you say that “you find the truth ofensive” (sp)
    Just checking….
    ref. you 9/11/ comment…
    Sorry for my delayed reaction, but at my age it takes a while to sort through all of this new fangled computer stuff, and I am never certain when I am being baited.
    And Ken….isn’t there some sort of filter you can get going for this sort of thing?

  63. i just finished reading the new york times. there was an article about people in kabul afghanistan being killed during a protest of the burning of the koran. still protesting over the burning..which DID NOT! occurr…so if these folks are still protesting over a threat of of the koran about to be burnt? what would they being doing if it actually happened? it’s scary. the actions of one little person causing such an up roar gobally.i think the media helps whip this seeming off the wall statement that mr jones made from a tiny spark into this wall of fire.

    1. It’s called The Butterfly Effect, the theory that a butterfly flapping its wings in Africa can set into motion a chain of meteorological events that ends up with a hurricane blowing down my house in Florida.

  64. The email is quicker than the blog…but I was raised a Democrat. I married into a screaming family, not good for the digestion. Up to this point in history, I never really argued with my in-laws when a Democrat won the election. What was I going to say? My parents side won. I don’t think Obama is a Democrat, and that’s why I got into this fight. I think he’s hi-jacked the Democrats. I know Democrats who died for their country, too. I know Democrats who are very Patriotic. They love their country, they just disagree on how to run it. Not a big deal. We can calmly discuss that and go home friends. Getting into politics, I’m discovering things about both Bush’s that I don’t like. I learned that I was a yellow-dog Republican, only voting R blindly. I was just as wrong as everyone else. I think if McCain had won, we would have actually been in worse shape because we would have boiled slowly because he’s progressive light and we would have never seen it coming. Obama just boiled us fast and we went, what the heck?!?! and saw it coming. It woke us up. If the Democrats were smart, they would have voted Hillary in, and most of us just would have said, oh darn a Democrat won, and went about our business.

    1. Lori,

      You make some interesting points, but I don’t want to get too far off-topic. I’ll be happy to carry on the exchange in email.

      If only my campaign manager hadn’t bungled my run for Central High School Student Body President, I would have been on a fast track to become President of the United States in 1984. I finished third in a 2-1/2 man contest.

      The course of history changed from that point on.

  65. Ken Steinhoff- Thank you for your efforts in keeping us informed about what is going on in Cape Girardeau. I had no idea that Terry Jones was from Cape, but I was really happy to find out he was. Since he has attracted National, maybe even World Wide attention with his threat to burn a Koran, I would like to encourage him form a coalition of religious leaders from the United States or maybe even World Wide to petition the leaders of the Muslim Church to change their Doctrines about “Killing Infidels” and Sharia Law. If they will not agree to do this, then it will at least expose them for what they really are. I feel the World really needs to find out the truth about these beliefs. If you have Terry Jones E-mail address or have some other way to contact him, I would appreciate you sending it to me. Thanks, Wayne Boswell

    1. Sorry, Wayne. I’m not in contact with Terry Jones.

      Give it about a week. I’m sure he’ll have plenty of time on his hands by then and will be craving attention from just about anybody who will stop by his church in Gainesville.

  66. Some folks have complained that I didn’t mention any of the other members of the Class of 1969 when I drew connections between Rush Limbaugh and Terry Jones. (I prefer the word “coincidence” to “connections,” by the way.)

    I just remembered that I had done an interview with Terry Kitchen where he described an encounter with a “spirit” in the Central High School gym.

    Terry is the guy who is to the right of Terry Jones in the yearbook photo of the baseball team.

    1. Stop the Presses:

      A Facebook friend said that Terry Kitchen, sports figure at Central High School mentioned above, was NOT in the class of 1969.

      I checked the 1969 yearbook. Kitchen IS standing next to Jones in the baseball team photo, but the yearbook index lists Kitchen as a junior in 1969, not a senior.

      Thanks to Debby for keeping me honest.

      Still, Terry Kitchen is an interesting story-teller.

  67. I immediately sent your info on these two home town guys on to my friends. I’d say, “What a hoot!” if they weren’t so poisonous. Two thoughts:
    1) What WERE those two smokin’ back then, and
    2) I can look myself in the mirror and say, “You’ve come a long way, baby!”

    1. Judy,

      I didn’t run around with those guys, so I can’t give you a definitive answer on your first thought. I’m going to have to say that they probably weren’t smoking anything stronger than tobacco, if that.

      Cape was a little behind the curve on recreational herbs.

      I remember going to a party after I transferred to Ohio University in my junior year. “These college students back East must be really strapped for money. They’re so poor they have to share cigarettes,” I deduced.

  68. Regarding two CHS ’69 graduates, I do not believe a word Rush Limbaugh says, but I defend his right to his beliefs, plus I applaud his success.
    In re Terry Jones, I don’t believe his brain synapses were out of whack during his years at CHS, but something went dangerously wrong with him after CHS.

  69. I have never written a comment on a website before, but after reading the replies to this article, I felt compelled to respond. Cape Girardeau is a great town with wonderful people. I’m retired in Arizona now, but continue to visit Cape often and enjoy all the people and the town. I’m proud to say I’m from Cape Girardeau. However, I’m not so proud to know a couple of you are from Cape. And, I’m very relieved to know a couple of you cannot claim Cape as your hometown, but still feel the need to make ridiculous assumptions and judgments about our schools and town. I can’t believe the intolerance, phobias and toal untruths that are spewing from ignorance and backward attitudes. A couple of you are just as radical, hostile and dangerous as those you are accusing of being in your comments. But, I’m not writing to engage in further political or personal bashing.

    My thoughts are about what positive discussion and information sharing this article could have led to among the responders. The article was about the “coincidence” of two celebrities (one for only fifteen minutes) who were classmates at CHS. Instead, the replies sunk to a level of name calling and disgusting remarks. How much more interesting it could have been if the comments had centered on the impressive and accomplished careers, not just notorious, of other previous Cape residents/classmates who have achieved national recognition. Try to consider the following Cape Giradeau people without letting polictics be a factor.

    JUDITH FARRIS-National opera star; performed with numerous famous symphonies and at Carnegie Hall.

    JACK OLIVER-(son of the late John Oliver)Deputy Finance Chairman for 2003 campaign of George W. Bush; *”the most formidable money machine in modern history” (in fund raising) *Time Magazine, June 30, 2003; Member of Board of Trustees for the John F. Kennedy Center of Performing Arts.

    JIM STONE-Winner of National Science Fair, 1965.

    DRURY BROTHERS-began with a small plastering business and became national hotel moguls.

    RICHARD KINDER-(my classmate from “62) Co-founder of Kinder Morgan Energy Partners and listed in Forbes as a multi-billionaire.

    BILLY SWAN-composed and sang 1974 Billboard #1 hit “I Can Help” as well as wrote many other hits recorded by Waylon Jennings, Mel Tillis and Conway Twitty; longtime associate and partner of Kris Kristofferson.

    REBECA COOK-Missouri State Treasurer.

    JIM UHLS-Nationally aclaimed screen writer.

    JERRY MCNEELY-(brother of longtime KFVS news anchor, Bob McNeely); Emmy nominated screen writer.

    DAVID LIMBAUGH-(brother of Rush)presently has #1 or #2 book on various national best seller lists.

    Actually, I think there are more, but they escape my senior memory at the moment. Cape Girardeau may be a small town, but our schools and town have produced people who have had nationally aclaimed careers and successes, whether you agree with their beliefs or not. Why not focus on the pride Cape Girardeau should feel instead of the negative and controversial garbage that has been written.

    Ken, thank you for all your hard work and efforts in giving us photos and informaiton that help keep our special memories of Cape Girardeau alive! I only wish you would have ejected one writer, who claims to be educated, after his first strike…enough said!

    1. Karen,

      Thanks for sticking up for our hometown. That’s quite an impressive list of names. I recognize most of them, but didn’t realize how much they had accomplished after escaping Central.

      Jim Stone was my running-around buddy in high school. There was a picture of him at the SEMO District Fair a couple of days ago. He was supposed to make the class reunion this summer but got called away to save the world or something at the last minute.

      He, Shari Stiver and I are are making plans to see each other when I get back to town in October. I’d have written about Stone earlier – I have photos of him and his laser from before you could buy them in Office Depot – but he’d been putting off getting me some info.

      Cape has its warts, but I can’t think of a better place to grow up.

  70. I did note that Karen Earley Dierks did not mention Ken and I my name on her list of famous Cape Girardeans…but maybe because we are mentioned in your blogg she figured that we were both already mentioned and included in ANY list of famous people from the Cape.
    Yeah, that’s the ticket…we were mentioned before so she did not have to mention us again.

      1. I think I saw a guy that looked a lot like that Rush shot on a post office wall in Costa Rica.

  71. @ Karen, is that the Kinder that did Kinder Fireworks? I worked for them a couple years, in the early 80’s. “Kinder fireworks….bang.” Long hours, no relief, but it was a job. I was 17. I’m living in Texas now, but with 4 years in the Navy, and married to a 20 year veteran, I’ve had my share of telling people where I’m from. I ususally got “Where?” I’d have to say about 2 hours south of St. Louis. Then when Rush Limbaugh hit it big, I got to add, home of Rush, and my mom was his nurse, yea really. So, that’s my only claim to fame.

    I think it’s a neat coincidence, but who knew their politics back then? I am a complete opposite of what I was then. I grew up. I’m closer to Rush in outlook now. Might have been closer to a liberal back then. But thanks for keeping it light and on Cape.

  72. Lori, Richard is not the Kinder from Kinder Fireworks. His family lived on a street off Sunset, his mother was a school teacher, and his brother is Dr. Jerry Kinder of Cape. Also, he was married for a long time to another classmate of mine, Anne Lamkin, but they have divorced. He has remarried and still lives in Houston.

    Yes, the mention of Rush can evoke various emotions from people, but they definitely know his name and many have heard of Cape Girardeau.

    My heartfelt gratitude to you and your husband for your service in the military. Thank you very much.

  73. yw (for the service)…I always felt awkward, and am just now getting to where I can just say that. I joined for purely selfish reasons….couldn’t find a job in Cape beyond Proctor and Gamble….didn’t want that. JC Penney found out I was in delayed entry and my job mysteriously went away, I was no longer needed. Funny how that works. But God had other plans. I lived in Cape only 3 years, 10 years later while my husband and I were divorced…we then got remarried….long story…and moved to Hawaii. I went to University High, not Central…class of 1982…but only because I went to Nell Holcomb for grade school. Love living in the county. I came out of the Navy much better for the wear. Found my Patriotism, and realized my Parents had really good values, and it was just teen angst…lol. We all have to grow up eventually. And now, I’m realizing the “bad” I saw in Cape was seen through sheltered eyes. I’ve not seen bad. I’ve heard stories that would curl your hair and thought, man, I had a good life in a small town. I realize it really made me naieve in a way. It’s a good thing God has looked out for me. And with that, I’ll quit and let his blog talk of other things.

  74. [Editor’s note: this was spam, but it was so funny in context that I had to publish it (with all the ad links removed.]

    I mean, I could see all this fuss over the guy if he’d led Jersey to the Finals

  75. Great article. I just stumbled upon your web log and wanted to convey that I have truly relished reading your web site posts. Anyhow I will be subscribing to your feed.

  76. I never thought on Ken that way…but you might have one point…
    Ken’s Dad was way a nice guy, not a pig…and his mother is a nice lady too…so you are wrong on these two…
    But, how Ken will be remembered the jury is still out on that…

    1. Your comment will confuse some folks because I deleted the one that it referred to. Someone purporting to be Rashid1971 posted two rants. The first appeared to question my ancestry; the second clarified that he ws referring to Terry Jones.

      In both cases, I deleted the messages. When I tried to send him an email explaining that name-calling isn’t tolerated on this blog, the message bounced. That’s Strike Three. He’s on the permanent block list.

  77. Ken, I appreciate your moderating role to keep the blog focused on issues rather than name calling. Having said that, I am sure whatever Rashid said was probably not as bad as either one of us have been called by angry people when we worked. When people become really angry and irrational, they do tend to revert to namecalling.

  78. I went to school with both Terry and Rush. They were both good guys back then as teenagers with not an opion about religion or politics. Average teens. I ran around for a year or a little more with Terry. One night we decided to go out to Marble Hill in search of girls who were known to be more friendly than Cape Girardeau girls and we met up with two although there were four of us. One of them was the name of Lisa who took us all to a creek near the town and built a campfire and we got to know each other. Terry and Lisa got too friendly and she became pregnate. They married and life became difficult so they turned to the Lord for help and then wanted us to follow them to their ways of salvation which we would not. They left Cape and that was the last time I saw Terry and Lisa until I saw her obit in 1996 and never heard from Terry again. Until now.

    1. Mark and I exchanged some emails. He’s not a bad guy. Some topics just seem to bring out the worst in folks. Overall, most commenters stayed between the lines.

      I give folks a pretty wide latitude until they get personal or start to drift too far off topic, particularly when it comes to politics.

  79. Burt
    That is not a chip on my, shoulder, it is something else.
    My grandfather commented once that you need to stop calling the stuff wetting your back rain, when in reality someone was pissing on your back.
    If the truth, and an opinion trouble you, then I suggest you wear earmuffs.
    Have a super day.

  80. Of course not.
    By the way, how do I ever get back to 1.5 strikes or something like that?

  81. Just an observation Mark. Looks like I was correct. Burt P.S. No need to reply, you have answered my question.

  82. Sorry Ken. I dont believe that Terry Jones should have burned the Koran and I respect Rush for what he has accomplished over the years. Thats all. Burt

  83. I believe that Terry should not have burned the Koran.
    He is just an idiot.
    Rush is just an opportunist that sells garbage to the dim and non curious.
    He reminds me of some of these hucksters that swindle little old ladies, and fools to send money to their “ministries”.
    He is a hinderance to the Republic.

  84. It appears the latest news regarding Terry Jones is that he has joined the menagerie of Republicans declaring their candidacy for the Presidency of the US of A. I just checked out his “patriotic” website, STAND UP FOR AMERICA, and he is asking us to send him the money to save America. What a surprise.

    And to those who are concerned about Rush Limbaugh being misquoted, I suggest you look up comments made on his October 14, 2011 radio broadcast, during which he announced that President Obama launched another war, this time against Christians(the Lord’s Resistance Army] fighting against Islamic terrorists in Central Africa. He had even checked out the goals of the LRA and read them, “to stop dictatorships and protect the people from oppression.” There is no need to misquote Limbaugh because he was so proud of this scoop that he posted a video of it on the internet, for all to see. His understated admission of error is more difficult to find. To my surprise there has been almost nothing about this in the popular, “liberal” media. Perhaps they are wising up and giving less attention to the extremists who are splitting our country into warring factions.
    The Rev. David Middleton

  85. I lucked out in finding this group of comments. I have never seen a a discusasion carried out as politely, nor on a higher inellectual level. Mr. Limbaugh and Mr. Jones should take note.

    1. Thank you, sir. If you ask folks to respect the viewpoint of others, they will generally rise to that standard. If you allow trolling, namecalling and trash talk, then it becomes a free-for-all.

      This site generally attracts a group of readers who have a lot to contribute, and we usually stay away from politics.

      I AM working on another Rush story that might be up as early as tomorrow. I took Cape’s Tour of Rush the last time I was in town.

    1. I’m editing a short video of an interview with a long-time Cape resident that’s sort of funny. I was planning on something more extensive, but I can’t put my hands on some material I had set aside.

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