CHS Upsets Valle 21-0

09-08-1967 CHS vs Valle 5The Valle High Warriors of Ste. Genevieve had a 10-0 season in 1966, winning some games by 40 points. They got spanked 21-0 in their 1967 season opener against the Cape Central Tigers. You can read all the details in this September 9, 1967 Missourian story.

The caption under this photo read “Defense, Defense, Defense! Valle High’s Jerry Scherer (dark jersey) finds the going tough against Cape Central defenders. Linebackers Ken Kirk (63) and Kim Godwin (40) give a helping hand to lineman Terry Rhymer (67); defensive end John Rusesler and tackle Dawson Young (72) are moving in rapidly. Four and five Central defenders were in on every play, as the Tigers defeated the Warriors, 21-0.”

Photo gallery of Central – Valle High game

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  1. I was a freshman football player at SEMO in 1967 and the freshman team went to see that game. After his high school graduation, Kim Godwin ended up playing on SEMO’s football team as a freshman. His brother Pat went on to play at one of the Missouri State Schools (I think). CHS in 1967 had a kicker named Rush Limbaugh who was a junior. Other Cape players on the SEMO football team in 1967 were Clyde Vaughn, Mike Richie, Dennis Meyr (Dutch’s brother), George Arthur, and Greg Brune and maybe some others I can’t recall. It has been 46 years.

  2. Sorry for all the repeats, I just wanted to correct a spelling error and punctuation and ended up with three blogs. Again, sorry.

    Tim Luckett

    1. No sweat. I’ll delete the first two. Good info.

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  3. Pat Godwin went to Rolla and had a great run there starting at QB all four years. As I recall Rusty didn’t play on that team as he gave up football after his soph year (previous season) to be the afternoon drive time DJ on KGMO. I have heard that early start in radio worked out OK for him. Seriously, Rusty was a good kicker in the old school straight ahead style. Mark Stuart 12 is seen kicking a PAT in the first picture and making a nice catch from Pat in the last one. Stuart, like Denny’s, always open.

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