Student vs Faculty Basketball

I see some of the Central High School coaches and teachers playing against students in these photos from, I’m guessing, 1966 or 1967.That’s Coach Robert Goodwin in the background. He and I had an uneasy relationship as I described in my PE experience story.

The scoreboard showed the Visitors ahead 20 to 14, but I don’t know who was considered Home. If the faculty was ahead, they worked for it: they appear to be sweating more than the boys.

Math teacher Ralph Ford

Math teacher Ralph Ford looks like he’s revving up for takeoff . He doesn’t seem to notice the ball is behind him.

Stands are full

The stands are packed, but I must have caught them in a calm moment. I think I recognize Jane McKeown and Tom Mueller in the crowd, but I’d hate to put money on it.

Photo gallery of basketball game

Since I’m weak on the IDs, I’ll just post a gallery of photos. Feel feel to identify the players and students. Does anyone remember who won and by how much? Click on any photo to make it larger, then click on the left or right side of the image to move through the gallery.



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  1. 2nd pix I see Jane MeKoewn, Pam Berkheimer, Sally Randol, Steve Slinkard, Rita Robertson, Joni Tickell.
    Two of the BBall players I recognized were Mike Schuette and Don Call. I saw a couple of others that looked a little familiar but “sometimers” has set in! ( I sometimes cannot remember).

  2. Isn’t that Ronnie Bowers with the safety strap on his glasses? Also, Bill Bishop is there on the left in one of the shots. Those games were lots of fun to watch.

  3. The guy in white in midair in the lead photo (image 1) looks like Coach Ryland (Dutch) Meyer. I, too, think I see Tom Mueller, with his hands to his mouth just behind the railing (image 3). Is that Dee Ann Lowman in the front row, looking toward her right, and Eddie Arnoldi just behind Tom Mueller’s left shoulder? In image 7, that may be Coach Weldon Hager standing at the left. Image 10 may show Tom Harte in the foreground, midair, back to the camera. Great memories, Ken.

  4. Number 92 is my husband, Danny Birk, he happened to be the high scorer of that student/faculty game which the students won. The year was 1966

  5. Phil Vinyard and I have located ther following people in the second picture. Mary Wright ’67, Wayne Golliher ’65, Mike Stuart ’65, Larry Reid ’65, possibly Jerry Stahly ’65, Harlan Smothers ’68, Tom Mueller ’67, Eddie Arnoldi ’68, Tom Schild’67, Brad Kasten ’67, Vicki kelley ’68, David Trantham ’68 and lou Ann Diehl ’68.

  6. Next to me in the second photo is my (now husband) Don Neumeyer, Pam Burkhimer, and Don’s Notre Dame HS friend Dave Ziegler.

  7. That was great fun and the place was packed. The student players were the best non-varsity seniors. Some of us not good enough to play got to cross dress as cheerleaders. I was one of those. I beleive Pat Samual kindly lend me her outfit, which my Mom made sure was dry cleaned before returning. I don’t know if I am disappointed or happy to not see myself in the pix :-).

  8. While I have no memory of the game… that is definitely me #7?, with the white knee pads, in pictures 9 & 10. There is no clear pic of my face but I recognize my stylish metro-sexual hairless legs and arm pits (I finally did hit puberty in college).

    Andy’s description of “Seniors not good enough to play varsity basketball” could have been correct, as Coach Goddie saw fit to cut me from the team four straight years. But I seem to remember both Bowers and Call making the team??

  9. This was the 1966 intramural all-star game against the faculty that had never been beat..Danny Birk did have 19 pts…David Patrick and I had 17 goody and coach Hagerstown came up to me after the game and asked why I never went out for the team. .this after they cut me my first three years…danny birk was the last player cut every year from what I was told. Danny and I both played at trinity Lutheran..

  10. Yea- Goodie blew that smoke up all of our skirts. He told me I was the last guy cut too. I just remember Brad Horky was the one that finally made the cut our senior year.

    We of the ‘last one cut club’ were so pleased for Horky we talked Trainer Extraordinaire Terry Crass into giving him a ‘Syl Johnson’ . That’s when you rub in some ‘Red Hot’ in a guys Jock Strap so he gets a surprise when practice starts and he breaks his first lsweat.

    Yes Don, you were outstanding and a big surprise to the coaching brain trust. But I think I remember how you and Bucky (Gary) got so good all of the sudden ……… YOU GREW A Freekin FOOT EACH!! I was still trying to grow hair on my body.

    I did grow an inch and gained 15 lbs by Spring semester at Semo when I got cut from Spring Football.

    I still remember how head coach Kenny Knox let me down gently.
    ” Brad you have a nice arm but I have guards and tackles that beat you in the Forty yd sprint.” Some smart A’s started a roomer that they timed me with a sun dial. Knox continued, “But we’re starting golf team next Spring and I have to be the head coach. How bout you give up football and come out for the golf team?

    I did go out and made the cut. Played golf 3 years at Semo. All the golf team could beat me at golf, but I smoked a couple of them in a 40 yd dash!!

    Brune Time-out.

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