Accidental Valentine’s Moon

98% Full Moon  w warning siren 04-02-2015I realized that a photo I needed for a post was on my Nikon D3100, so I went out to the car to get it. Peeking through the trees was a moon that was 98% full.

I was going to forget about it, but then I saw it was hiding behind the storm warning siren on Kingsway Drive. It was fresh in my mind because the city did their monthly test of it yesterday.

I must have moved the camera during the 1/6 of a second exposure, resulting in a heart-shaped moon. It was tempting to save it for February 14, but here it is.

Photo Geek stuff: Nikon D-3100; 55 – 200 mm lens zoomed to 98 mm (but cropped tighter in printing); f/4.5; ISO 3200.

Moon with siren

98% Full Moon  w warning siren 04-02-2015This is the photo I was trying to take. It would have been more effective had the moon been larger, but I wanted to get the siren in it.

Photo Geek stuff: Nikon D-3100; 55 – 200 mm lens zoomed to 98 mm; 1/8 @f/4.5; ISO 3200.



2 Replies to “Accidental Valentine’s Moon”

  1. Ken:
    Your photo turned out really good. I love it when i review my photos and find those “accidents”…..always a fun surprise.
    Enjoy your visit to Cape.

  2. Love your “accident”! I am enjoying your visit to Cape. I want to be there right now in the worst way, but think I might pull off a day or two in May. Keep those pictures flowing.:-)

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