Griggs-Smith-Staples Cemetery

Griggs-Smith-Staples Family Cemetery - Mississippi County 03-17-2016This tiny, well-kept cemetery earned a whoa-back, if not a U-turn when I was driving down Hwy HH in Mississippi county. (Click on it to make it larger.)

Some name confusion

Griggs-Smith-Staples Family Cemetery - Mississippi County 03-17-2016There’s an inlay into the steps leading up to the graveyard that says “Smith-Griggs,” but this marker calls it the Griggs, Smith and Staples Family Cemetery. It was established in 1866.

I couldn’t find much information on it. FindAGrave lists 30 interments.

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  1. Just noticed this article pretty neat what u said about making a u turn n coming back. That is my family’s place. If u go west 1/4 min. on the north side there is our little 30 acre farm that was my grandfather’s home place where he loved n raised 10 children. I also grew up there as a child. There were 2 homes on it but when they blew the levee it destroyed them. It broke my heart 1st time in well over 100 yrs that a Griggs did not live on that land. My cousins husband farms the land n the proceeds are put into our cemetery fund so that little farm is still taking care of a Griggs family member. Myself n 2 of my Uncles take care of it n get a lot of compliments on how well it is kept. I just had to lay my 28yr old daughter to rest there in June of this yr. Thanks for noticing,
    Steven A Griggs

  2. Ken,
    May I add your photos of the Smith-Griggs-Staples cemetery to Find A I will give you photo credit, of course.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Doug Green
    Sugar Land, Texas

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