Walmart Marketing Fail

Rubbermaid storage container Walmart 03-01-2015When you have as much old stuff as I do, and you are constantly shifting it around as it is scanned, published, or just set aside, you need lots of storage boxes. I’ve found over the years that clear plastic boxes with sturdy lids do the best job.

With that need in mind, I set off for Walmart the other night. I’m not crazy about the big box store, but they usually have a wide selection of boxes and bins.

This one looked like it was going to be perfect: it had the right dimensions, had a great lid, and, best of all, it was “virtually unbreakable” enough that it came with a limited 10-year warranty.

There’s only one problem

Rubbermaid storage container Walmart 03-01-2015There was only one flaw: this is what I found when I went to pick up the “virtually unbreakable” bin.

Some times a picture tells the whole story.

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  1. I am sure the 10 year warranty would cover it. Ha! That is always a good one as who could find the cash register slip in that many years. I bought a garden hose that has a lifetime warranty, but you have to keep the cardboard package and your sales receipt. Yep, I am sure I will remember where I put that too.

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