Celebrity Beat: Vaughn Monroe

I was the wrong guy to send out to shoot celebrities. For the most part, there was a good chance I wouldn’t have a clue who they were, and it was embarrassing to try to dodge around that fact.

Secondly, with maybe one or two exceptions, I never found them to be interesting subjects. They had their public face, and they kept the mask on.

I DID shoot a picture of Sandy Dennis in Palm Beach that captured what  thought was her real personality. I sent her a copy, but I don’t know if I ever got a response. Maybe I’ll run across that shot when I’m least expecting it.

Meet Monroe at home in Jupiter Inlet Colony

Anyway, the photo request in the winter of 1973 said for me to hop on my pony and head up to Jupiter Inlet Colony, a ritzy address, but not quite as hoity toity as just up the road on Jupiter Island proper.

I had at least HEARD of Vaughn Monroe, but I can’t say as how I was much of a fan. 

He was gracious and easy to shoot. Before I left, he asked if I’d like a copy of his latest album. I usually didn’t take anything from a subject, but I sensed it would be rude to say no. I didn’t even have the sense to ask him to autograph it.

It may still be in its original shrinkwrap with the rest of the music on my wall of vinyl.

2 Replies to “Celebrity Beat: Vaughn Monroe”

  1. This is a wonderful photograph, and a new one to my eyes. I am writing a book about Vaughn Monroe, and am in charge of the Monroe Archives (part of the American Big Band Preservation Society). I would love to hear more of your visit with Mr. Monroe in 1973. Thanks for sharing!
    Dan Gabel

    1. Dan,

      I like I mentioned in the blog post, shooting celebs was just another day at work for me. Mr. Monroe was nice and accommodating to having his home invaded, but once we had made enough small talk that he became comfortable for me to capture this photo, I was back on the road.

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