Old Franklin: Mud and Memories

Site of old Franklin School 02-12-2013You’d never know one of Cape’s westward expansion elementary schools ever existed. When Friend Shari, who lived down the block from the school, and I visited it February 12, there wasn’t a trace left. Oh, sure, if you look closely, the old building’s cupola barely peeks above the new building, but that’s kind of like hearing the echo of the music and not the concert.

We were curious about all the playground balls scattered about. Maybe the kids kicked them out into the mud and then were told not to retrieve them. They provided an interesting colorful counterpoint to the gumbo clay mud.

View looking south

Site of old Franklin School 02-12-2013This is the northeast corner of the old school lawn looking to the south.

Huge paved play area

Site of old Franklin School 02-12-2013There’s plenty of space for basketball and other sports. The perimeter of the paved area is marked off for a running track, but I’d sure hate to think of running laps on concrete. (OK, to be honest, I hate to think of running laps on anything.)

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  1. I remember Play Day every spring..everyone would go outside and compete in various events…also the polio shots we got in the cafeteria….and how we’d slide down the hill next to the school whenever it snowed. Great school.

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