Wyatt Survives Boot Camp

Back on July 15, I ran some photos of Wyatt Perry, Wife Lila’s nephew, at his going-away party before he shipped out for Marine boot camp.

It gives me great pleasure to say that the high school boy who went away is now a Marine. After a too-short visit, he’s headed to Camp Pendleton. From left to right, Dad John Perry, Sister Laurie Everett, Wyatt and Mom Dee Perry.

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  1. Love this picture of John and his family. Ken, I guess you know that John use to work for us and they also lived behind us when we lived on Margaret and was having our house built. John was always a good kid. OMG, did I say kid?? LOL Well, he was when he worked for us. He hasn’t changed much though. Congrats Wyatt!

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