Too Pooped to Post

Matt - Mark Steinhoff KY Lake c 1982Brother-in-Law John and I spent a whole day validating the Rule of Threes: every project will cost three times as much as anticipated, require three times as long as planned, and will take at least three trips to any place you plan to buy parts. Actually, I’m pretty sure we were into the Rule of Sixes and Nines on a couple of items.

I’m too tired to tell the whole story tonight, but I’ll give you a hint that it involves something in this photo.

10 Replies to “Too Pooped to Post”

  1. Cool, you bought a BOAT! Now you will learn the GRAND rule. Everything costs a GRAND on a boat, whether you break it, replace it or even just look at it!
    Now take a 43 minute nap and you will be fine.

  2. Yep,you’re getting the boat ready for a long road trip. Tires,wheel bearings,grease,lights,etc. My buddy from Florida learned to carry more than one spare tire when he pulls his to Kentucky lake no matter what shape the ones on the ground are.

    1. We made many a trip from Cape to Kentucky Lake, and so far as I know, never had a spare. I’m not taking a chance pulling it 1,100 miles. I’ll have two new tires rims and everything associated with them, and a spare.

  3. This boat is in my garage currently (the work in progress; thus the too pooped to post)and I was so impressed with the shape it is in, vintage PERFECT is the only thing that comes to mind.

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