Scout Sticker and Mother’s Ghost

Scout sticker on back door

This Boy Scout sticker on the back door has been looking out onto the porch for more than six decades. After I shot it, I had the uncanny feeling that I could see Mother in the background of the photo.

It’s probably just my reflection, but I wasn’t wearing a shirt with that color when I took the picture.

(Looks like I need to dust that window sill.)

5 Replies to “Scout Sticker and Mother’s Ghost”

  1. Maybe it is just sentimental self delusion but I have experienced the sense of being again in the presence of departed loved ones. It was a welcome gift whether it was a trick of my brain or a visiting spirit.

    1. Jeanie I agree completely. I’m a retired RN/ oncology. It’s and I have listened to many people tell me of this experience feeling/ seeing the presence of departed loved ones, or significant people in their life. ❤️

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