Marty Riley’s Glenn House Exhibit

Marty Riley art exhibit 04-01-2016Marty Perry Riley, Wife Lila’s sister, was the featured artist at the landmark Glenn House on April 1. I have long admired her work, but I didn’t realize she had done so many pieces. She is a member of the Arts Council of Southeast Missouri and the Visual Arts Cooperative, and a frequent winner of contests.

Marty, a retired RN, was the person we’d call when Mother needed help with something over the years, and Wife Lila had her number on the speed dial whenever one of the kids broke or bent something. Her’s was the voice of comfort that would say, “Don’t worry. Just stick Adam’s arm back on with super glue and a couple bandages and he’ll be fine.”

She likes street painting, too

Marty Perry Riley LW Street Painting Festival 02-27-2011Her work isn’t confined to canvas, either. She’s been down to Lake Worth, Florida, a couple of times to participate in the annual Street Painting Festival, one of the biggest in the country.

5 Replies to “Marty Riley’s Glenn House Exhibit”

  1. Wow, Kenny! That is so nice of you to say that. (I’ll get you your bribe money later). It really was a fun evening and I enjoyed seeing lots of my old friends and family.

  2. Always one of my favorite Martha’s. I knew Marti had many talents. Wish I could have been there to honor her.

  3. Marty I’m not on Facebook or any social media
    But I came across this about your art work. Wow the artwork is great but you look amazing ‼️❤️ It’s wonderful to see you if only in a picture. Still that beautiful smile .
    I send my love

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