John Perry in Uniform

John F Perry headed to Scout campI literally kicked over a box of photos in the closet this afternoon. Spilling out of it were these two photos of Wife Lila’s brother, John F. Perry. In the first photo, he’s heading off to Boy Scout camp.

Headed for Vietnam

John Perry 09-04-70Only a few years later, in 1970, still looking young, he was in his Navy uniform getting ready to ship out for Vietnam.

A family tradition of service

Going-away party for Wyatt Perry 07-14-2012This photo was taken almost exactly 42 years later at a going-away party for his son, Wyatt, who was headed to Marine boot camp.

  • Laurie Perry Everett – Army
  • Drew Perry – Marines
  • Wyatt Perry – Marines
  • John F. Perry – Navy
  • Rocky Everett (Laurie’s husband) – Army



8 Replies to “John Perry in Uniform”

  1. How wonderful a treasure you found!!! I graduated from CHS in 1970 with John!!! He always had a smile on his face and was always ready to make you smile and laugh!!! How wonderful that his family has followed in his military footsteps! In the last picture I can see that John has not lost his smile!! God Bless You John Perry and God Bless Your Family! Thank You For Serving!!! 🙂

  2. What a wonderful picture!!! I want to take this opportunity to thank each of them for serving. I have been fortunate enough to meet part of Lila’s lovely family (John, Laurie, and Rocky.) A family of which to be proud.

  3. I have been looking for Gerald Love for some years now. Found an article you wrote about his mother and that had his picture. Enjoyed seeing him, now I need to get him to respond to me. If you know him well, tell him am looking to reconnect. I am a fellow missileman and we were at ROTC together and drove to Vandenberg AFB back in 74 to start our missile duty. Anyway, although your articles are just a little bit ahead of my time (70-74) at SEMO, I enjoy them.

    1. Well! To God be the glory. How you doing Mike. I think about you often. How are Russ and Carrie doing. I’m sure you got grandkids by now. My e-mail address is: Happy I took a look at this page from my former high school classmate, Ken Steinhoff. Until I hear from you, be blessed.

  4. Ken,

    Did John Perry live in the area of North Sprigg St when he was growing up? I went to school with John and remember the bus picking him up.

    His best friend at that time was Patrick Maxwell. We went to Washington grade school.

  5. Vonda,

    John is my brother, and I think you may have him confused with another John Perry. There are several of them in the Cape area. We lived close to the intersection of William St and Sprigg St on the south end. John went to Lorimer Elementary School on Independence St.

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