Rockin’ the Road

Son Matt found this character a few years back. He seemed to be a good illustration for a review I did on my bike blog for a combination handlebar bag / MP3 amplified speaker gizmo. The Audible Rush Jam-Pac Premium handlebar bag is a lot lighter than Craven’s trailer-mounted blasters.

Audible Rush music blaster

Its relevance to Cape is slim, but following the link will give you something to read while I’m focusing on other stuff for awhile.

I spent most of the past 24 hours trying to track down a malware infection that I was afraid was causing bad links to show up on the blog. It turned out that the problem wasn’t with my site: my browsers were infected with a program that would cause phrases in it to be highlighted like they were legitimate links. If you clicked on a question mark at the bottom of the graphic ad they displayed, they’d take you to a site called “text enhance.” So, basically, you couldn’t tell if a link in a story was legit or if it was going to send you off someplace of dubious value or safety.

They came in hidden on a driver I needed to play a video file, but they piggyback on a variety of browser plugins (don’t, for example, install something that claims to give you a “Don’t Like” button in Facebook).

I actually have a Cape story in the works that I think folks will like.

If anybody else is having that problem, shoot me an email and I’ll tell you what to look for to get rid of the varmint.

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  1. Hmmm…I wonder if a wagon like that would fit on the back of my Sportster?….to the garage to check this out…or maybe not.
    This is pretty funny…

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