Nancy Jenkins Wilson ’65

Nancy Jenkins Wilson posted a comment wishing my mother a belated happy birthday. That reminded me that I had scanned some pictures of her before leaving for Cape.

Editor in Chief of The 1965 Girardot

Nancy was editor in chief of The 1965 Girardot and I was head photographer. We went to a week-long seminar for high school journalists at Missouri University the summer before we tackled the book.

At that conference, I got an inkling that (A) Nancy was going to be a great editor to work with, and (B) the Missouri University School of Journalism and I had very different ideas about photojournalism.

I was right on both counts.

Nancy turned out a great yearbook and I never considered going to Columbia.

Nancy in 2010

I found out that the years have been kind to my former classmate when we met at this summer’s reunion. She still has the smile I remember so well. Actually, it’s close to the expression she would get on her face just before she’d say, “You want to run a picture of WHAT?”


Mother and Wife Lila said I should have used one where she was smiling more. Making them happy is a very important thing to my continued well-being. Happy to oblige.

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  1. Ken,
    Another nice trip down memory lane… I bet you and Nancy made a great team on the Girardot. I worked on the Tiger and loved every minute of it. I didn’t end up in journalism school, but have often thought I might have enjoyed that as a career.
    Thanks for providing us with all the wonderful photos and stories.

  2. When I sent a copy of the link to Nancy, to make sure she’d see it, I included a note that I had stuck on a Facebook tease: “She also taught me that it’s possible to have friends who are girls without getting tangled up in the girlfriend thing.”

    Fortunately, she took my tangled sentence in the spirit in which it was meant: a compliment.

  3. Nice trip down memory lane! We have had some great times and it is so nice to keep up with you and fellow classmates.

    1. Some days I think it would be nice to go back to those days. Then, I think, “I don’t think this old bald guy with aches and pains could still climb the rope in PE.”

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