Lights Were Burning Brightly

Central High School gym at night 01-29-2016The night before its wake on Saturday, January 30, when the public would be invited to say goodbye to the Central High School gymnasium, the lights were burning brightly.

I did a post yesterday of previous stories, photos and a video of events I had covered in the gymnasium. If you didn’t see it, I encourage you to check it out.

Photo gallery of the gym in 2009

I had forgotten I had taken more photos in the gym when I wandered the halls in 2009. I was impressed then with how well the overall building and the gym had held up since it was built in 1955. Maybe its defects are hidden.

Click on any photo to make it larger, then use your arrow keys to move through the images.

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  1. Dr Steinhoff,
    I believe you are being disingenuous about there being unseen faults in the old gym. With your obvious appreciation of educated persons with letters and degrees behind their names – YOU of all people should know those letters need more, new and larger office space to properly educate the youth of the common folk public school parents. It doesn’t happen in the CLASSROOM with out proper ADMINISTRATION!
    Progress marches on . . . TEAR THE OLD GIRL DOWN!!

  2. I haven’t been in that gym in decades, probaby not since the early 1970s, so I was off guard when news of its impending demise struck such a chord of nostalgia in me. All the gym classes, basketball games, school dances, and other assemblies, along with the folks who populated those events, came back, slowly at first but soon in a rush. Talking with my sister just two days ago, we rehearsed the sense of loss we both feel in the absence of the Cape we knew in our coming-of-age years (nothing unique about us, we know). Your photos did what photos do; they bridged the time and distance. Thanks for the gift.

  3. It’s a shame when progress comes at the expense of meaningful architecture, but then again, that is now an established hallmark of the public school system in Cape, isn’t it? Speaking of architecture, “doors to nowhere” interest me. A couple of pictures show a door that’s too high on the wall to be a normal door. Was there at some point a balcony or something that has since been lost?

    1. Coach Terry Kitchen said it’s a question that gets asked often. There are some old vent ducts running up there. He said it’s also been a repository for odds and ends like old trophies going back many years. There’s a hatch leading out of what used to be the old library that will get you back there, he said, but you have to crouch down to go through it before you can stand up.

      I’d love to explore the area, but since I’m twice the man I was in high school, I’m not sure how I would fit in the passageway.

  4. As a Bulldog on the north side of Caruthers, I remember playing in that gym a few times. As some of you may know, Paul Ebaugh just passed–a great Central Tiger in so many regards. In 1961 and 62 I was a 6″2″, 165 pounder trying to move his 6’5″ 220 around in the pivot with little success.

  5. I was there this afternoon and thought back to a more innocent time – or at least I’m going to claim innocence…
    I had the fortune of meeting with Ken again and talking to Coach Kitchen. I thought back and came to the conclusion that the last time I was in that gym was for my Baccalaureate Ceremony in 1973. While standing there looking around I recall admiring the roof support structure so many years ago and also noticing how well the building as a whole has held its luster. I am not sure that we build today with the dedication and commitment to making lasting structures.

  6. It is amazing h ow Cape can afford all this destruction and new construction. In my community, we live with lots older buildings and the voters don’t see any need to change the schools.

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