Where’s the Ice Storm?

Cape ice storm 02-21-2013_2713Wife Lila said she was having problems getting her photo gallery to work on her gardening blog. I told her I’d take a look at it because it was probably something simple. I checked all the normal stuff and sent her a message saying that I had 40 ice storm photos to edit for MY blog and I’d check it again later.

At 4 in the A of M, I finished my post and did a preview. MY gallery wasn’t working, either. Looks like The Kid did an upgrade to the blog platform that hosed up that feature. If he gets it fixed, you’ll get to see the ice storm photos. If he doesn’t, you may get to see the ice storm photos this summer.

I’m going to bed.

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  1. Ken, the Fred Lynch photos and stories have saved this blog, for sure! I loved the old photos, and the story about Bossie the cow walking across the ice from Illinois is PRICELESS!! To find it, click on the link about Frony breaking through the ice!

    1. We photographers stick together.

      You’ll do anything you can to get a better picture than the other guy, but when you’re out on the street, you realize that the common enemy is the editor sitting in his comfortable office chair.

      I’ve loaned cameras, lights and film to a competitor who was caught out. I’ve gone so far as to actually SHOOT a photo for a competitor and hand her the film. It wasn’t the BEST shot, but it was good enough to keep her from getting fired.

      It’s one of those Karma things.

    1. Kid, How many photo galleries do you think I’ve built? That was the first thing I checked on your Mother’s blog last night at about midnight. It was the first thing I checked on THIS blog at about 4 in the morning.

      There are only TWO options at that point: Link to Media File and Link to Attachment Page. Both blogs were set to the former.

      I have no explanation why it’s working this morning in preview mode. It was NOT working at 4:30 this morning.

      OK, folks, you WON’T have to wait until summer to see the ice storm pix. Tune in Saturday for what I hope will be a treat.

  2. AH HA! I see the computer guy fixed it and now doing what they all do, are saying it is a user error…I get that all the time…don’t fall for it Ken! and nice Blog today!

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