Tired Fire Trucks

Fire trucks at HS Auto Salvage - Cairo - 08-10-2014On the way out of Cairo headed to Mound City National Cemetery on Hwy 37, we passed HS Auto Salvage, which had a bunch of fire trucks parked in front of it. They weren’t fighting a fire: they evidently had been scrapped.

There were engines and ladder trucks from Cairo,  a truck from Thebes and another from Tamms Volunteer Fire Department. There was nobody around to ask what the story was in August, nor in November when I passed that way again.

I bet there are some fire buffs or Pike fraternities who would love to have these old red workhorses.

 Fire truck photo gallery

Click on any photo to make it larger, then use your arrow keys to move around. Let me know if you have any idea what’s going on with this equipment.

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  1. Hi Ken,
    I don’t know positively, but I would imagine they were scrapped because the respective Fire Departments were able to get grant monies or raise money to purchase new fire trucks…. Hopefully someone will buy them and give them “new homes”…lol Appears they are “out to pasture” ! If your in this area and get a chance, come back to the National Cemetery (Mound City ) on December 13th at 11 a.m for the Wreaths Across America Ceremony.

    1. Becky, that was my theory, too. There must have been some spare money floating around.

      I won’t be in the area for the ceremony, but I’m working on a story about a grave in the cemetery that has some real twists and turns. Now that you’ve jogged my memory, I should get busy to finish it.

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