Sydney’s Fresh Veggies

Produce stand 08-09-2014Ridge Road in Jackson is an interesting street. A couple of blocks from the slow-moving golfer who had me confused, Mother and I spotted Sydney’s Fresh Veggies stand. Produce stands aren’t unheard of in South Florida, but this one had a twist that we don’t run into often down there.

It believed that people are honest

Produce stand 08-09-2014Nobody was in sight. There was a wooden cash box that may or may not have been bolted down, secured by a lock that I think my nail clippers could have defeated.

On top of the box was a slot, with two noted: “Money goes here,” and “If you need change, call xxx-xxxx and someone will be out.”

I almost left a tip for Sydney for restoring my faith in human goodness.

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  1. We still have these in rural Wisconsin. I always end up leaving more money for the good feeling it gives me about trust.

  2. Jane is so honest and her part of the country this works too…In Florida they have armed guards in the fruit stores.
    I do like the design of the stand it is eye catching for sure, and it works for its intended propose.

  3. Terry, that’s not so in all parts of Florida. There is a honey stand near East Palatka maybe on SR100 that operates that way. We were surprised when we went by it last year and saw it was still there. We’ve never seen anyone manning the store but have seen people stop to buy honey.

    1. Sharon Sanders or Fred Lynch sent me that photo a long time ago. I was hoping they had lost it.

      That was a typical Frony posed photo: line up a bunch of people, then tell them to pretend to do something. I hate to admit that I shot my share of that kind of photo until I got infected with honesty.

      How do you like my sneakers, though? Based on the length of my pants, I must have hit a growing spurt.

  4. My Rotary Club has a pumpkin patch this month for the 4th year and it is “Self-serve”. And we are in Northern Virginia near DC.

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