Indians Vs. Tennessee

SEMO Indians vs Tenn Martin Branch 12-22-1966There’s nothing particularly spectacular about this game except that I could find the story that went with it. The microfilm copy is a bit ragged, but I could read that the “Indian Zone Halts Martin,” Martin being the University of Tennessee Martin Branch. SEMO won 75-71 in the game that showed up in the December 23, 1966, Missourian.

Two photos ran with the story. This one was captioned, “Curtis Williams of State College takes the ball into Martin territory as Byron Kuehner tries to halt the Indian swifty.”


SEMO Indians vs Tenn Martin Branch 12-22-1966The caption labeled “Misfire” said “Charlie Bertrand, State College, between Byron Kuehner and Pat Taylor (3) of Martin, looks back at a pass that went off its mark in Thursday night’s game.”

Photo gallery

Here’s a collection of photos from the game. I cropped them a little looser than we would have used them in the paper on the off chance that you can spot yourself in the audience. Despite the rather close score, at least one guy mopped up the court that December evening. Click on any photo to make it larger, then click on the sides to move through the gallery.

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  1. Ken–
    I was basketball manager that year at SEMO

    I dont see any pictures of the bench–Maybe because there was more action on the court LOL

  2. I see Skip ? Class of 1967 And unknown female in pic 7\10. Senior moment took the last name… I had it but was gone when I started typing. Skip had a sister Sherry I believe class of 1965. They lived on Louisiana between Franklin school and Broadway. Their dad was a navy aviator like my dad and he was infamous for being able to read books while driving the car.

    Another infamous reader – driver was golf coach Payne Muir (sp). Affectionately refered to as “Plain Manure”.The guys that won State in 64/65 were inducted into CHS HOF last year – said they were all piled in his car and scared to death on golf trips. (Reynolds, Long, McClard, Waltz, etc.)

    STIVER!!!! Skip and sherry Stiver!!! DAMNED OLDTIMERS DISEASE!!

    1. You get partial credit. In fact, I’ll give you a little better than partial credit because you confirmed what I was thinking, too. Yep, that is Skip Stiver at the top left. You get a fraction of a point taken off because his sister, my first HS girlfriend, was Shari, not Sherry.

      I hate to break it to you, but Oldtimer’s Disease is terminal.

  3. How about some “EXTRA CREDIT” for all the other detailed worthless crap I remembered? for example…. Mr. Stiver was named Charlie… just like my dad. So that’s three Stiver names I remembered and I didn’t even grope Skip’s big sister “Shari” like you did.

    I can deal with the “Terminal” aspect of Old Timers… its the darn “hide and go seek” memory part that is driving me crazy! I wish I could blame my terrible spelling on OTD, but I have had that disability since first grade, but OTD is making it even worse.

    “these nuts are making me thirsty!” a famous quote from Kramer on Seinfeld. Just an example of the crap taking up storage space in my limited memory in place of how to spell…… “So, I got that goin for me”, Bill Murray in Caddy Shack reminiscing about caddying for the Dali Lama…… HELP!

  4. 4 & 6 pictures have Mike Ringwald and I believe Judy Kurre in them, class of 66. I was going to say I was as bad as Brad but then I thought about it and decided that I wasn’t. 🙂

  5. Looks like Tamara Hardman ’67 with Skip. Not as bad as Brad yet – but then again he is a year older than me…..

  6. The photo of coach Ed makes this portfolio. It may be unique. Brings to mind the “Impeach Ed Neibel” campaign from the halcyon days of the early 60’s. I believe Skipper was a major player in that effort.

    1. They were spammers who made it past the spam filter. It’s usually pretty good as grabbing them. It’s caught 89,222 of them to date with so few false positives that I don’t even bother to scroll through them to see if anything legit was snagged by accident. It must have been a busy day for them. I see 293 that are being held in the Bad Boy Bucket for me to review. Stand by to hear a flushing sound.

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