1964 Football

SEMO Football c 1964There are more questions than answers here. I’m pretty sure this is a SEMO football game, although it doesn’t look exactly like Houck Stadium to me. It must have been 1964 because there is one frame of a banner tow plane pulling a sign that says, “Vote Republican AU H20.” It was really scratched up, so you’ll just have to trust me on it.

Band and twirler action

SEMO Football c 1964That’s a pretty big crowd on the field at halftime.

Someone was hurt

SEMO Football c 1964Teammates carry a player off the field.

Photo gallery

Most area football games were played at night, so I rarely had a chance to shoot from this vantage point. Click on any photo to make it larger, then use your arrow keys to move through the gallery. Feel free to tell us what we’re looking at.

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  1. The second picture is definitely Houck Field. There were stairs that came down the west end of the north bleachers from the flat behind and southwest of Kent Library and the houses on the right side of the frame are the houses that were at the northeast end of the Houck Field property. About 1964 was the height of the Golden Eagles Marching Band, but that is more than just the Golden Eagles and Semo’s majorettes and Band Major. It looks like there was a combination of bands and majorettes/majors from multiple schools.

  2. This Is homecoming for SEMO. All the bands that marched in the parade gathered on the field for the pre-game show. I’m out there somewhere. It was my junior year, and I had just met my future husband, Doug, who was marching with the Golden Eagles. What a great day!!!!

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